3. WOW

~Eleanor's POV~

To Mum: Ok I will, I miss you too :( x

I sent the message and put on some 1D on my ipod. I was listening to Torn until I got disturbed by the flight intercom,

"Ladies and Gentlemen we are preparing to land, please fasten your seatbelts, thank you" The lady spoke.

"Jorgie wake up......Jorgie.......JORGIE WAKE THE FUCK UP!" I shouted as I shook her.

She shot up and realised why I woke her up, we fastened out belts as instructed and braces ourselves for landing.

  When we got off we headed over to the food court to get some Nando's as we we only had breakfast and it was now 11 in the evening. We ordered and walked to a table with our food,

"Oh apparently Mum got us a present, hold on a sec I'll get it, it's in my suitcase." I said rummaging through it, I wonder what it could be. I pulled out two One direction concert tickets, backstage passes and meet and greet tickets. OMG.

"WOW!" Was all Jorgie could say as she sat there, her mouth wide open

I can't believe our Mum got us tikets to our favorite band for......... tomorrow evening! I was so excited and happy but extremely nervous, what if Harry doesn't like me.

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