2. Plane ride

~Niall's POV~

We had our last concert in America last night and now we were in the airport to go back to London. We had 3 concerts back in London and then we had a month off, oh how I was looking forward to a rest.

We struggled through the crazy, screaming girls signing autographs along the way. I really wanted to date a fan but not just any crazy fan but someone who will love me for me, not for my fame. We hopped on the plane and made our way to first class. I got comfy and put in my headphones, this was gonna be a long ride.


~Eleanor's POV~


"Goodbye Australia, I'll miss you!" I said boarding the plane

"You're so wierd" exclaimed Jorgie hopping on after me.

We found our seats and got comfortable for the journey, we fastened our seat belts and put on a movie, Ted.

Half way there I got a text.

From Mum:

Hey Hun, miss you already, when you get off the plane have a look in your suitcase. I got you a present.


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