1. bye

~Eleanor's POV~

I'm Eleanor, I'm 17, I have brown wavy hair which reaches my lower back, tanned skin and bright blue eyes. I love One Direction, enough said.

Today I was moving. Moving away from all my problems, fears and no-good friends. Sure, I was upset about leaving my family and my home in Australia but I had my sister Jorgie moving to London with me. I flopped out of bed and walked to the bathroom to shower, I washed with my strawberry shower gel ; quickly washed my hair and wrapped myself in a towel. I went back to the bedroom and dried off. I got into my patterned leggings and black hoodie, then slipped on some socks and white converse. I grabbed my suitcase and walked downstairs, setting it by the front door. It was early and only my sister and I were awake, I made some cereal and sat at the table opposite to her.

"Scared?" I asked my sister, she was a year younger with blonde/brown shoulder length straight hair and blue eyes.

"Uhh what do ya think?!" She answered back sarcastically

We put our bowls in the sink and sat on the sofa to watch TV. Mum had woken up by the time it was time to leave.

"Bye mum, love you so much!" I said on the edge of tears,

"Bye Honies, Stay safe!" 

We hugged her, grabbed our suitcases and headed to the airport.

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