I Aint Gon Love Again \\Harry Styles

Heey guys this is my frist movella...Please read <3

Harry Styles a famous boy-band member 1/5th of the band one directions swears he will not date again! Until, he meets Amanda and she changes his world completely.Their relationship goes to heaps of trouble,pain and separation....

That's the basic theme..Will update if I get a good response :D


3. Thanks,I do understand

Thanks, I do understand


At the principal's office:

Principal:So,Amanda I've been noticing something between you and Mr. Styles!

Amanda: Ma'am I completely dislike him your mistaken!

Principal: I don't want to hear anything an you surely will not argue with me..

Amanda: But ma'am..

Principal: Zip! And now off to detention..

Harry and Amanda: Yes Ma'am..

On the way to detention:

Harry: So you dislike me huh?

Amanda: Hell yea!

Harry: Why? God why cant any girl just be normal with me? What did I do?

And he remembers about Tamara and tears roll down his cheek...

Amanda:Harry,what happened?? I didn't mean to offend you or anything..

Harry: Save it!

And he walks off...They finally reach detention...Amanda notices Harry was upset so she goes and grabs a seat next to him..


Harry: What do you want?

Amanda: I just want to talk to you..

Harry: Well just want to talk?? Cant you understand I'm having problems right now Tamara just broke up with me and she's totes cool with it I just cant get over her...And this stupid Niall is giving me dumb advice on how to get over her..

Amanda:Well,what did he say??

Harry: Ask a girl how to get over a girl..

Amanda: Why don't you give it a shot??It might actually work...

Harry: You think?? I mean your a girl right what do you think I should do??

Amanda:Yes,I am a girl :P and it depends Harry I mean do you want to get her back or just get over her??

Zayn calls out to Harry "Harry stop talking to the nerd and get over here"

Harry "2 mins bro"

Harry: I want to get her back

Amanda: Do you think she'll get back with you??

Harry:Ya,she will I'm heck sure!

Amanda:Well,then its pretty easy just get a girl and make her jealous...

Harry: Not exactly my stuff to do but eeeyy its a worth a shot..

Amanda: Trust me! :)

Harry:Don't seem to have another option now do I?? Hey can you be the girl I pretend to date to get Tamara jealous??

Amanda: Me? She would never be jealous of me..

Harry: That's what you think *points at Tamara, look at her face right now*

Amanda: I'll think about it!

And the bell rings...

Amanda: Okay,bye.

Harry:I'll drop you home..

Amanda:No,Harry its completely cool :)

Harry:I'll drop you!



Precap:A romantic bus ride and a party!!



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