I Aint Gon Love Again \\Harry Styles

Heey guys this is my frist movella...Please read <3

Harry Styles a famous boy-band member 1/5th of the band one directions swears he will not date again! Until, he meets Amanda and she changes his world completely.Their relationship goes to heaps of trouble,pain and separation....

That's the basic theme..Will update if I get a good response :D


2. Its Over Harry

Its Over Harry...

As the first period bell rings, Tamara walks to her locker...Harry runs up to her and pulls her by her waist and says "Hey babe"


Tamara gets his hands off her and says"Look,Harry we need to talk"

"You want to talk now or on our date this evening??" says Harry.

"We aren't going out today evening" says Tamara

Harry gets a bit shocked and says "What, Why??"

"I cant do this anymore, Harry we're over"

Harry laughs and says "Your kidding right??"

"No, Harry I'm not its really over, We're done...I don't feel for you anymore" says Tamara

Harry with tears rolling down his cheek "How can you say that babe please tell me what did I do wrong???You cant end us this way please babe I really love you.."

Tamara: "Save your tears for somebody else we're over"


And she just leaves him standing there with tears in his eyes and with a broken heart...

By that time Zayn's class is over and he goes to meet Harry..

Zayn:Vas Happenin dude?? Wait why you crying?? Boys (He screams to Liam, Louis and Niall)


And in no time all of them appear..

Louis: What happened Harry??

Harry: Tamara just dumped me I mean how was it that easy for her??

Zayn:Look,bro she's a bitch we tried making you understand but you were just too blinded in love.

Liam: Your a part of a famous Boy Band you can get any girl you want just leave her...

Principal:Don't you boys have to get to class??

One Direction: Yes, Ma'am!

During English class Harry catches a seat in front of Tamara and beside Amanda..


Niall passes a note to Harry "Dude, Tamara is a total bitch flip leave her "

Harry passes it back saying "Its going to take a while"


Niall writes "Why don't you take advice from a girl on how to get over a girl??"


Harry writes: "What kind of a dumb idea is that??"

And this time while passing the note it accidentally hit went to Amanda..

So, Amanda writes back "What do you mean??"

Harry writes "What do you mean by what do I mean?? Your the one who gave me this stinkin piece of advice!!"


Amanda looks at the note astonished and replies "Advice on what??"

Harry:"Don't play dumb Niall"

The teacher then catches her...

Mrs.Johnson:Amanda,would you like to read what your note says in front of the whole class and save you up a few minutes time of detention???

Amanda: Detention??Oh man!

Amanda walks up to the class and begins "Don't play dumb Niall"

Harry spits out the water he was drinking at Mrs. Johnson and looks immediately at Amanda..

Mrs.Johnson:Amanda look you've found yourself 2 partners in detention Niall Horan and Harry Styles.

Niall:What did I do??

Mrs.Johnson:"Don't play dumb Niall explains it all"

And the bell rings...Its recess..

Harry walks by Tamara's locker holds her hand and says "Tamara I need you, you complete me please please don't do this, We cant be over"

Tamara just walks away...Meanwhile Amanda comes to Harry

Amanda says "I am so mad with you"

Harry "What did I do to you??"

Amanda: "What did you do don't act as if you don't know!! God dammit you landed me in detention"

Liam walks by puts his hand on Amanda's shoulder and says "Now, now that's not the way you talk to a star"

Amanda takes Liam's hand off and says "Star shmar I don't care! All I care about is that I'm in detention because of him"


Harry replies "That note wasn't for you, it was for Niall and who asked you to reply anyways??"


Zayn comes skating down the hall way and accidentally pushes Amanda over Harry so she falls over him and he catches her. Tamara sees this


Tamara: "So you already found someone new huh? Well, I don't care but why this fucking slut??"

The Principal was on rounds and she hears this...

Principal:So,Harry and Amanda Mrs. Johnson told me about your detention looks like now it will not just be Niall joining you but Tamara and Zayn too and Amanda and Harry my office now!!"


Harry and Amanda walk behind the principal she asks them to take seats outside her office...

Harry: I'm sorry this is all happening because of me

Amanda: You should be!

Principal: Come in both of you



Precap:Principal's office drama and a deep conversation and a lot of fun in detention :)


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