I Aint Gon Love Again \\Harry Styles

Heey guys this is my frist movella...Please read <3

Harry Styles a famous boy-band member 1/5th of the band one directions swears he will not date again! Until, he meets Amanda and she changes his world completely.Their relationship goes to heaps of trouble,pain and separation....

That's the basic theme..Will update if I get a good response :D


1. Introduction

Chapter 1



So, the biggest British boy-band One Direction starts school. They join East West High! Its a normal government school.


Character Sketch:


Harry Styles: 1/5th member of one direction...who's completely heart-broken because of his recent breakup with Tamara Winget.He still loves her and thinks that he cant get over her.


Amanda Dourado:A new kid in East West High! She isn't a nerd but she always gets bullied! She's a kind, caring and sweet girl (The second girl in the cover with the coffee).


Tamara Winget:A mean,badass chick who later changes. Harry's ex who crushed his heart in the ass and though she doesn't show it she is jealous of Amanda! (The first girl in the cover)


Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Mallik:Their normal selves.


Liam Payne:Liam gets close to Amanda and protects her like her elder brother.And everything else is how he is :P


If I get a good response I'll upload the first part today itself...So please show your love x

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