All Alone: Rise of a Superstar

Justin Drew Bieber has been through thick and thin.
An abusive step-father, a weak mom and a poor reputation at school isn't all Justin struggles with.
After loosing loved-ones and moving from Stratford to Atlanta, Justin seems to be coping well with the new atmosphere.
After getting a surprise phone-call, followed by meetings and arrangements, could this be the rise of a superstar?


17. XVII

(Felicity's POV is a distressing rape scene. I'd advise those of you whom find those uncomfortable, not to read it) 


5/16/09, Saturday 6:10PM 

Justin’s POV


“Justin! Justin! OhMyGosh!” I heard Rosé yell from outside my door, alarming me. I sprung up from the desk chair I was seated on and rushed to the door, seeing Rosé fan her red face.

“Whoa Rosey, what’s wrong?” I asked, pulling her into a hug.

Rosé and I have gotten extremely close in the last month and I couldn’t be happier about it. She’s gotten me through so much and so has Kirk.

“This wonderful man called Scott Braun just got off the phone with me. He’s seen your uploaded videos on YouTube and wants to meet you!”

“Rosé what if this is just some scheme to kidnap me or something?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Oh Justin don’t be ridiculous! This is a one and a life time opportunity.” Rosey argued raking a hand through her hair.

“When did he say to meet up with him?” I sighed, leaning up against the wall.

“Tomorrow at the recording studio downtown.” Rosé beamed, a big smile on her face. I sighed and looked down, flipping my hair.

“And Justin that’s not the best of it!” Rosé cheered, lapping her hands.

Her enthusiasm made me smile as I looked up at her and raised my eyebrows.

  “He wants you to sing for Usher!” she cheered, a loud laugh escaping her lips.

“Ok, now I know this is just a scheme to kidnap me.” I said, about to walk back into my room.

“Justin! Just go down there tomorrow with Kirk. If you’re going to get kidnap, Kirk will protect you.” she laughed, rolling her eyes playfully at me.

I smiled at her and hugged her close to my chest and smiled softly.

“Thanks Rosey. I really don’t know where I’d be without you.” I whispered to her, kissing her hair.

“Oh Justin.” Rosé softly said, kissing my cheek as a tear fell from her eye.

“Aww Rosey don’t cryyyy.” I sang, wiping away her tear.

She laughed and messed up my hair before running down the stairs into the living room. I chuckled and walked into my room, lying back onto the bed.

Was I really going to meet Usher?

It was my dream.

And sing for him? That would just be… amazing.

I smiled at thought of the one person I’d want to break the news to. Caitlin was officially my girlfriend yesterday.

I took her to the movies and then I kissed her on her doorstep. Very cliché, I know.

But she was absolutely beautiful and I was overjoyed when she said yes.

I took out my phone and dialed Caitlin’s number, waiting for her to pick up and to hear her sweet voice.


Felicity’s POV


“babe.” Ryan groaned, lying on top of me and pulling down the zip on my jeans.

“Ryan! Stop!” I screamed the tears pouring down my face as his hand made their way into my underwear.

“But you feel so good.” Ryan groaned, his rough hands exploring places not even I’ve seen. I cried and tried struggling from the handcuffs that were clasped around my wrists. I was a virgin, and getting raped was not the way I wanted to loose my virginity.

I should’ve gotten away from him when I got the chance.

He was an abuser a demon sent to earth by the devil.

He did horrible things to me and I had the bruises to prove it. He’d threaten me, telling me not to tell anyone or he’ll kill me.

This is the first time he decided to rape me, and with my arms and legs tied down; all I could do was watch.

I felt one of his rough fingers rub me and I cried even harder, thrusting my hips upwards. That was bad idea, because Ryan took it the wrong way.

“I knew you wanted it.” He smirked, pulling down his boxers and jeans in one swift motion.

I cried and screamed, my throat getting sore and my eyes stinging. But the more I cried the more satisfaction he got, so I ended up staying quiet.

His lips trailed kisses down my exposed bruised stomach towards where my underwear should be.

His lips trailed kisses down there, towards my opening. When his tongue started the work, I couldn’t help but cry again.

Reality hit, and he’d have enough of “teasing” me, although I wasn’t enjoying it one bit. He spread my legs apart, before tying them down in that position.

He positioned himself on top of me once again and ran his tip up and down my slit.

I squeezed my eyes shut as an unbearable pain welled inside of me and I cried out, as Ryan moaned.

“You’re so damn tight.” He hissed, thrusting into me roughly.

From then on, I knew I couldn’t take anything back and my first time, was the worst time.


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