All Alone: Rise of a Superstar

Justin Drew Bieber has been through thick and thin.
An abusive step-father, a weak mom and a poor reputation at school isn't all Justin struggles with.
After loosing loved-ones and moving from Stratford to Atlanta, Justin seems to be coping well with the new atmosphere.
After getting a surprise phone-call, followed by meetings and arrangements, could this be the rise of a superstar?


14. XIV

4/14/09, Tuesday 6:50PM


Justin’s POV


“…U got it bad when you're out with someone, but you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else. U got it bad” I finished the song, U Got It Bad by Usher, and smiled into the camcorder, giving it a wave before pressing down on the record button, which changed it to standby.

I smiled to myself triumphantly, flipping my hair before placing the camcorder on my desk chair. I leaned over my desk and picked up the camcorder again. I plugged it into the Mac and saved it to my file.

After uploading it I sat back and thought of the week I’d spent with Rosé and Kirk.

They’re suck happy friendly people, and they make me feel so at home.

When I was in the shower, Rosé caught me singing, and while she was out she bought me a camcorder to record me singing on, because she believed I’d be famous one day.

I laughed at her crazy expectation, but I started downloading videos on YouTube.

I even found out someone posted a video of me busking on the steps of the Avon Theater back home, in Stratford.

That whole experience reminds me of Felicity, as she’d always come and watch me as I played. 

I shook my head in disappointment thinking of her, as I promised myself I’d move passed her.

She was of course, my first friend and she meant a lot to me, even if most of the time, she’d quietly stand by Ryan’s side when he used to beat me.

But when my mom died, she was the only one there for me. She sat by my side in hospital and that was what made me change my way of heart about her.


“Justin, Christian’s at the door for you!” Rosé called from downstairs, and I smiled, getting off my desk chair and running down the stairs.

“Hey buddy.” I said, smiling at Christian as he gave me a man hug.

“Hey bro!” Christian said, smiling at me showing off his braces.

“Christian, move.” That sweet voice called from behind Christian and a small blush came over my cheeks.

I met Christian and Caitlin Beadles at church, with their mom Sandi. Rosé and Kirk are good friends with that family, so now I see them quite often, well in the last week.

I'm kinda developing a small crush on Caitlin….


“Hey Cait.” I said a small smile on my lips as she pulled me into a hug.

“How’re you?” she asked, stepping inside and slipping off her thin peach-colored cardigan and slinging it over her arm.

“I’m great, how ‘bout you?” I asked her, leading them inside and sitting on one of the squashy leather sofas in the living room.

“I’m great, thanks.” She said, smiling and showcasing her pearly whites.

“How ‘bout you Chris?” I asked Christian and he twisted his black wristwatch on his wrist.

“I’m good.” He says, also smiling.

“You wanna, I don’t know, make a video?” I asked them, shrugging at my idea.

“I’ll tape it.” Caitlin chirped, getting up and running upstairs, to probably retrieve my camcorder.

“We should do like, a Red Bull thing. I like Red Bull.” Christian said, rubbing his stomach in a joking manner.

I smiled and chuckled, shaking my head.

“I’m sure Kirk has like a carton of Red Bull in the fridge. I’ll go check.” I started, getting up and walking over to the fridge.


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