All Alone: Rise of a Superstar

Justin Drew Bieber has been through thick and thin.
An abusive step-father, a weak mom and a poor reputation at school isn't all Justin struggles with.
After loosing loved-ones and moving from Stratford to Atlanta, Justin seems to be coping well with the new atmosphere.
After getting a surprise phone-call, followed by meetings and arrangements, could this be the rise of a superstar?


7. VII

3/16/09, Saturday 8:26AM


Justin’s POV


I woke up to the sound of the heart monitor beeping. I groan emitted from my lips, just as the hospital room door opened.

My eyes snapped towards the girl that was walking through the door, her familiar cranberry-brown hair listening in the sun rays that were escaping through the blinds.

Her icy blue eyes locked with me, and she smiled. I smiled back as she took a seat on a fold-out chair beside me.

‘Hey, what are doing here?’ I breathed out.

‘Oh, I’m here to visit you.’ She said.

‘Why waste your Saturday morning like this?’ I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

‘This is not wasting my Saturday morning, sitting alone in my room is.’ She said, flashing me a toothy grin.

‘Well if you say so.’ I shrugged, looking down. I felt a warm hand grip mine, that had an IV sticking out of it, and it started rubbing their thumb across mine.

I looked up to meet those icy blue eyes again, and she smiled.

‘Where would you ever get the thought that you’re not important Justin?’ She said with sorrowful eyes.

‘My step-dad, Ryan and well, most of the school.’ I said, looking down again.

‘OK, maybe that was a stupid question. But Justin, don’t listen to them. You mean something to me.’ She said.

‘What? Your punching bag?’ I asked, looking up again.

‘No Justin. If you were my punching bag, I would’ve left you lying on the ground in front of your home. But I didn’t.’ she said, sounding sincere.

‘Yeah.’ I muttered.

‘How’s your mom?’ she asked, raising her eyebrows.

‘I don’t know. The nurses haven’t informed me.’ I said, holding back tears at the thought of my mom.

‘Do you want me to ask?’ she said, letting go of my hand.

‘Yes please.’ I asked, my eyes twinkling. She nodded, flashing me a smile before walking out of the hospital room.


Ryan’s POV (new POV)


I dribbled the basketball along the side-lines of my basketball court. I heard Chaz shouting out my name, but I ignored him and took a shot. I watched as the basketball missed the hoop just, landing on the lawn.

‘Bro what’s wrong with you? You haven’t made one shot since we’ve got here.’ Chaz says.

‘Yeah, captain.’ Nolan says, rolling his eyes.

‘Shut up, I'm just having a bad day.’ I muttered, storming off the court.

I walked towards the back door of my house and slammed it shut, walking inside. I wiped the sweat from my forehead as I reached the refrigerator.

I opened the door of the fridge and pulled out a water bottle. I twisted the cap and pulled it off, talking a gulp of the cold liquid.

I walked back outside to see Nolan, Chaz and Mitch continuing to play basketball. I rolled my eyes and muttered a string of curse words, before leaning over to retrieve my phone from the out-door table.

Where has felicity been these last couple of days?

I shook my head bitterly in annoyance as I scrolled through my contacts, my finger tapping felicity’s contact name.

The phone rang for a good 10 seconds, before I heard her voice on voice-mail. I growled angrily before slamming my phone down on the table top.

‘Aye Ryan, what’s wrong?’ Mitch asks, jogging over to me.

‘Felicity won’t pick up her fricken phone.’ I said, running a hand through my hair.

‘Hey, she might just be busy.’ He replied, putting a hand on my shoulder.

‘Yeah, getting knocked up by some man whore.’ I muttered, meeting Mitch’s gaze.

‘Hey now, Fel’s not like that.’ Mitch says, shaking his head and taking his hand off my shoulder.

Where is she?

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