All Alone: Rise of a Superstar

Justin Drew Bieber has been through thick and thin.
An abusive step-father, a weak mom and a poor reputation at school isn't all Justin struggles with.
After loosing loved-ones and moving from Stratford to Atlanta, Justin seems to be coping well with the new atmosphere.
After getting a surprise phone-call, followed by meetings and arrangements, could this be the rise of a superstar?


5. V

3/15/09, Friday 4:35PM.



Felicity’s POV



I looked down at my gold watch as I clutched my books closer to my chest.

Where was he?

It’s been an hour and thirty minutes since school finished, and I’ve been waiting for my dad to come and pick me up.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the ground as I sighed, thinking about the fight Ryan and I had over Justin. It ended when I slapped Ryan on the cheek, and he slapped me back ten times harder.

I started crying, and he left me on the stairs of the school. Several teachers on their way out of school asked if I was ok, and I just said I was.

I loved Ryan and still do; he was so sweet to me when he wanted to be.

I sighed in relief, when I finally caught sight of my dad’s BMW pulling up next to the side-walk.

‘Sorry sweet-pea, I was told to work later today and forgot to tell your mother.’  He said, as I got into the passenger side of the car.

I just crossed my arms over my chest and leaned my forehead on the window. Not a word was spoken as we drove home.

My dad is a workaholic.

He never has time for me, well not even as half as much as he does for my younger sister Florence. She was always the favorite, for both my mom and dad. I never got half the thing and attention she did from my parents.

Just as I snapped out of my thoughts, we pulled up to our 3-story mansion. Dad opened his car door and walked outside, to open our gate.

When he did, he got back in and drove into the garage. When he stopped the engine, I slung my back-pack back over my back and got out.

I shut the car door and walked towards the front door. I unlocked it with my key and walked inside, dropping my back-pack on the floor near the door.

‘Ah fel, take your bag up to your room.’ my mom asked me, running her fingers through her short curly black hair.

‘Ok mom.’ I sighed, as she kissed my forehead. I picked up my bag again and ran upstairs, choosing them over the elevator.

The elevator was jammed anyway.

I opened the double-doors to my room and walked inside, to be greeted by my puppy, Stella. I picked her up as she licked my face, causing me to giggle.

I carried her to my bed and sat down, putting her on my lap. I scratched behind her ear, as I talked to her.

‘Toady was a rough day stells.’ I sighed, as she closed her eyes, laying her head on my lap. I picked her up and lay her in her bed, before pulling out my phone.

- Sorry baby -

- please reply x –

- I’m so sorry xx -

My lock screen consisted of notifications from Ryan’s texts. I sighed and slid to unlock, before replying back.

- What u did was wrong, but I forgive u xx :) -

Almost immediately he replied.

- Thanx babe, won’t happen again xxx –

I sighed again, and turned off my phone, putting it on standby, before standing up from my bed.

I wonder if that boy with the guitar is playing today.

I walked towards my door and walked down the stairs, towards my massive kitchen.

‘Hey Gaston!’ I greeted our chef, as he twirled his mustache.

‘Allo fel!’ he greeted in his thick French accent, pouring flour into a cake batter. I smiled at him and walked towards the cookie-tin (which was always stocked with cookies) before putting my hand in and taking a chocolate-chip.

I took a bite out of it, before walking past one of my maids.

‘Hey Maria, can you tell mom and dad I’m going for a walk?’ I asked her politely. She nodded in response, and carried on taking the laundry up the stairs.

I shrugged absent-mindedly, before walking out the door. I opened the pedestrian gate, guarding our property, before starting to walk down the street. 

Mansion after mansion.

Sometimes I didn’t want to be rich.

 My mom always complained about how I never acted lady-like enough, and that I acted as though I lived in one of those poor houses (which I wasn’t that happy about, as she insulted poor people).

I never wore skirts or dresses, unless going to a party. I always wore skinny jeans and a hoodie with a playful saying on it, with a pair of sneakers on my feet.

Take what I’m wearing now for instance, black skinny jeans, hot-pink Supras and a white hoodie with the words ‘like a boss.’ Printed across the front with bold hot-pink letters.

I kicked the dirt in front of me with the tip of my shoe, and looked up to see I was on the street with all the council homes.

My dad always warned me to stay away from these types of streets.

My mouth formed into an ‘o’ shape, as I passed a house, that had a broken window. Outside the front was a boy, holding his head in pain.

Without thinking of the circumstances, I ran towards the boy. He had a horrible bleeding cut across the back of his neck. My hands flew to my open mouth in shock as I kneeled down in front of the boy.

‘Ohmygosh, are you ok?’ I asked him, as he groaned.

‘no.’ he said, opening his eyes.

That familiar beautiful caramel.

‘Justin?’ I asked, finding myself becoming more and more shocked by the second.

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