All Alone: Rise of a Superstar

Justin Drew Bieber has been through thick and thin.
An abusive step-father, a weak mom and a poor reputation at school isn't all Justin struggles with.
After loosing loved-ones and moving from Stratford to Atlanta, Justin seems to be coping well with the new atmosphere.
After getting a surprise phone-call, followed by meetings and arrangements, could this be the rise of a superstar?


4. IV

3/15/09, Friday 2:53PM


Finally, it’s close to the end of the day.

 I start drumming my pencil on the desk, humming a song that has been stuck in my head since I heard it playing in the one of the school’s hallways.

I sigh, as I flick my watch out from under my sleeve and check the time, possibly for the third time this minute.

I sigh, and start shaking my leg impatiently until the teacher tells us to close our text books. I close mine quickly, and lean down, with the book in my hand, and slip it into my bag. I zip it up, and slide it onto my back, getting edgy in my seat.

I look up at the clock on the wall, and watch the seconds ticking.




The siren goes, and I stand there staring at the teacher waiting for her to dismiss the class.

‘Class dismissed!’ she calls, making my jump out from my seat to rush to the classroom door.

‘Ah Mr. Bieber, can you stay behind for a minute.’ The teacher says, making my stop in my tracks. I sigh, and run a hand through my hair, before turning on my heels to face her. I approach her desk and look at her impatiently.

‘Yes Ms.Goodrow?’ I ask her, fiddling with my fingers.

‘Well you’re not in trouble.‘She starts, standing up while shuffling the papers that are in her hand.

‘But I’m worried about you.’ She says, pushing her glasses up her nose.

‘What do you mean?’ I ask her in my usual tone of voice.

‘Well Justin, today I saw your face in the light and you have a black eye and several cuts on your cheeks. Is there something happening at school or even home?’ she asks me, pursing her lips.

Yeah, both.

‘no.’ I simply reply, before walking towards the door.

‘Then how did those wounds get there Justin?’ she asks me, making me turn around.

‘I ah fell down the stairs, really badly, like full-on tripped.’ I say, scratching my head.

My house doesn’t even have a staircase.

‘well, there hasn’t been one day these last couple of months, that I haven’t seen you with a bruise or a cut on your face.’ She says, crossing her arms over her chest.

She isn’t going to give up, just like Felicity.


‘Well, I just fall down the stairs a lot.’ I mumble, before opening the classroom door and walking out, slamming the door behind me.

Females and their questions.

I rush down the hallway and towards the school doors.

Maybe Ryan won’t be waiting for me, like he always is.

That’s when I feel a strong up pull me into a head-lock. I sigh, and then groan, when I hear the bones in my neck crack. My face starts to turn red, as he is strangling me.

‘Where are you going to fast?’ Ryan’s familiar voice, yells into my ear, making me wince. He finally takes his arm from around my neck, and I hold it, gasping for air.

‘Stop being a wuss Bieber, now answer my question.’ He says, walking towards me, trying to intimidate me.

Well, it’s working.

‘I was going to go home.’ I say, looking down, still feeling the pain in my neck.

‘Without saying bye to me?’ he says, then scoffs.

Wasn’t planning to.

I just shrug and fiddle with my fingers.

‘Aye Bieber, there’s a bug on your nose.’ He says, motioning for me to come over. I look up, but stay put.

‘Here, lemme get it for you.’ He says, and before I could react, he swings his fist forward and punches me in the nose, real hard. I groan again, when I hear a much more severe snap, and hold my nose, as I suffer the agonizing pain.

‘RYAN, WHAT THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!’ that familiar voice screams. Ryan stops laughing and looks over at felicity, who is huffing and puffing by the sound of it.

I look over at her, to see her face red with fury.

‘Why the f*** do you care?!’ he yells back, walking towards her.

‘Because I do!’ she yells back, her tiny hands balled into fists by her sides.

‘I punched this pathetic loser, obviously!’ he yells back, stepping closer to her. While they were having their fight, over me, I took that as a chance to escape, and did just that.

I dropped my skateboard on the floor, and started speeding down the sidewalk, hearing the screams of Felicity and Ryan becoming more distant.

When I know I’m safe, I slow down to a stop, and my hand goes up to my nose. I touch it lightly and whimper.

I think it’s broken.

I yell in agony, as the pain becomes more define. That’s when I taste blood, and my cold reacts. I start coughing, and soon I gag on blood and spit it out of the pavement.

Salty tears start to mix with the blood dripping out of my nose, as I pick up my skateboard, at start running back home.


15/3/09, Friday 3:42PM


I reach my front door step, and collapse in front of the door, crying from the pain. That’s when I see the door opening, and two small hands grasp mine. I look up to see my mom, tears pouring down her cheeks.

‘baby, come inside.’ She says, pulling me up, and pulling me inside. She sits me down on the couch, and grabs my hand.

‘Justin, enough keeping secrets from me. Who does this to you?’

I sigh; I can’t lie to my mom anymore.

‘Ryan butler.’ I choke out.

Her face turns red, and she wraps her arms around me, pulling me into a hug. I hug her back, as the blood dries on my top lip and chin. The tears eventually stop, and I pull out of the hug.

‘Mom, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.’  I choke out, looking at my hands.

‘Don’t say that Justin, you’ve been through so much and can still look at the good of things. Do this for us; we can get through this together.’ She says, taking my hands.

‘As for that Ryan butler, I will report him to the principal an-’ I cut her off.

‘Mom, by telling the principal, he would hate me even more. And will probably bash me up somewhere else, just not at school.’ I say, looking into her eyes.

Tears were building up in her eyes, as she leant over and kissed my forehead.

‘If that’s what you think Justin. Go get yourself cleaned up; William will be here in 10.’ She says, sighing and looking down.

I nod in response, and make my way into the bathroom, to face that cracked mirror again for the same reason.

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