All Alone: Rise of a Superstar

Justin Drew Bieber has been through thick and thin.
An abusive step-father, a weak mom and a poor reputation at school isn't all Justin struggles with.
After loosing loved-ones and moving from Stratford to Atlanta, Justin seems to be coping well with the new atmosphere.
After getting a surprise phone-call, followed by meetings and arrangements, could this be the rise of a superstar?


3. III

3/15/09, Friday 8:32AM


I walked through the hallway, towards my locker, with my hood over my head. It shaded the bruises and cuts on my face, as well as the ugliness of it.

I finally find my locker, and put in my combo, before wrenching the blue door open and seeing my science book. I pull it out, and swing my backpack over to the side, as I unzip it and slide my book into it.

I zip my bag back up and swing it back onto my back comfortably, before shutting my locker and continuing to walk down the hallway.

I sigh, once I feel a broad shoulder hit mine, and look up to meet the eyes of Ryan butler.

‘Hey Bieber.’ He says, chewing his gum, as his girlfriend hooks her arm with his.

I roll my eyes and ignore him, before I try to continue walking. But I get stopping my Ryan fingers wrapping around the collar of my shirt, pulling me towards him.

‘I said something Bieber.’ He threatens.

‘Hi Ryan.’ I whisper, as he lets go of me.

‘Oh, your flyer’s unzipped.’ He shrugged, as I looked down. That’s when I feel a fist meet my cheek, sending me to the floor, as my hood swiftly falls off my head.

I look around the hallway, and everyone is laughing, shouting things like,



‘Waste of space.’


‘Aww are you gonna cry?’ Ryan says, pouting, while his girlfriend sends him a glare.

He rolls his eyes at her, and takes her hand intertwining their fingers. My hand meets my cheek, and I wince, figuring there will be another bruise, to match the purple one around my eye.  

‘What’s with all those bruises on his face?’

‘He looks so ugly.’

‘I feel sorry for his mom.’

‘He should just kill himself.’

I look down, as Ryan disappears down the hallway, his best friend Chaz Somers following, laughing at what just happened. I whimper, as I try to get up, as the siren goes.

I finally stand up, from the support of a locker door, as I slowly walk down the hallway, when I see the science room door; I put my hoodie over my head again and open it.

‘Ah, late again Mr. Bieber?’ the teacher asks me, as I make my way to my usual seat at the back of the classroom. I hear whispers and faint giggles, as I recognize many people who were laughing at me in the hallway.

This is how it’s always going to be.


3/15/09, Friday 9:35AM


I stand up, as my math class finishes, and I walk to the front of the classroom, handing my test paper to the teacher.

She sends me a faint smile, as I walk out of the classroom. I walk down the locker towards the gym. It’s normally empty at this time.

I push open the doors, and close them quietly behind me, as I look at the spacious empty gym. I see a basketball lying in the middle of the court, so I walk towards it and take it in my hands.

Ryan butler is the captain of the basketball team. I like basketball, and when I tried out for the team, everyone just laughed at me and didn’t give me a chance to try out. I turn around to face the hoop, and aim as I push the ball upwards.

A perfect shot.

I watched as it fell through the hoop. I smile lightly at my achievement, as the basketball bounced towards me. I picked it up and held it back in my hands.

At home, we have a basketball ring out the front, attached to the bit of wall above the garage. But the net has come off, and the paint on the wood is peeling.

But that’s ok, it still works fine.

I dribbled the ball, as I heard the gym doors open. I whip my head around to see, Ryan girlfriend. She looks at me with wide eyes, and then continues to walk inside.

This is the time I want to be alone; I don’t want to be harassed.

I drop the ball and walk towards my bag that was on the side-lines, and walk towards the doors of the gym. I brush shoulders with her, and I feel small warm fingers wrap around my wrist.

I turn around, to face her and she smiles slightly at me.

‘Just hit me now.’ I mumble, squeezing my eyes shut, waiting for the impact of a slap.

‘No, no Justin, I would never hit you.’ Her sweet voice reassures me. I open one eye hesitantly, before I open them both.

She would never hit me, please.

‘Yeah, sure.’ I mumble, before I shook off her hand and continued walking towards the doors.

‘Justin wait!’ her voice calls out to me, making me turn around.

‘Having second thoughts?’ I mumble, as she walks towards me.

‘No, I-I want to apologize.’ She whispers.

Why is she apologizing? She hasn’t done anything at all, actually. She always stands there and watches with a hurt look on her face.

‘Why?’ I mumble, looking up to meet her eye contact.

‘Ryan hurts you, it’s unacceptable.’ She says, looking down.

She has a reputation for being a sweet innocent girl. She always takes care of others before herself. She’s also an animal lover, apparently.

‘Well you shouldn’t be apologizing for what he does.’ I mumble, trying to walk past her again.

This girl never gives up.

‘Well then I want to apologize for just standing there while he does what he does.’ She says, looking me dead straight in the eyes.

She has beautiful eyes.

‘OK thanks, Felicity.’ I reply, before I finally make my way past her and into the hallway, walking towards the library.

The second most quiet place.

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