My Daughter is a Dancer-Harry Styles-

Bea Villabol was born when her parents divorced. Now that she's 17, she has no idea who her father is and she's not planning to. She has a passion for dancing. It's in her blood. Her boyfriend Jay Williams is her dance partner. What will happen when she meets her father without knowing it was him? If you want to know, read this to find out.

Stay Beautiful :) x


3. Welcome To London!

Bea's P.O.V


"Honey, wake up. Bea, wake up."I heard my Mom. She was shaking me. "Bea, get up or we're are going to miss our plane."Mom said. She pulled off my blanket and I'm now freezing cold. "Mom, I'm cold."I whined pulling the blanket back up.


"Get up or I'll pour cold water on you."She said and I groaned getting up. "I'm up."I yawned. "Go get ready, Jay and Mike are nearly here."Mom said and I nodded making my way to the bathroom. I took a warm shower since it's cold here and got out when I heard my mother knocking on the door.


I turned off the shower and wrapped my towel around me and made my way back to my bedroom. I got dressed and just in time Jay walked in. 




"Morning, babe."Jay pecked my lips. "Morning. Where's Ryan?"I asked doing my hair. "He's downstairs playing video games."He said and I nodded. "Is this all you luggage?"He asked and I nodded. 


He grabbed it and dragged both of them downstairs. I grabbed my backpack and slipped my phone in my pocket and made my way downstairs. "Hey, buddy."I smiled hugging Ryan. "Hey, Aunt Bea."He smiled.


"Mom, did you make-"


"Muffins, yes. I didn't have time to make doughnuts, sorry love."Mom said. "It's okay, Mom. Muffin is fine."I said about to eat one of the muffins until Jay came and took one. 

"Hey! That was mine!"I exclaimed and he laughed. My favourite food is doughnuts and ice-cream. I know weird but it's so delicious. 


My mother is a baker. That's how she met my dad. They both worked in a bakery in Cheshire and that's how they dated and stuff. That's all my mother told me. She didn't tell me the full story. She has her own bakery here in Liverpool and it's named after me. It's called 'Bea's Bakery Shop'. I think there is one in London though, I'm not sure. 


I put all the muffins into a packet and grabbed one and ate while we make our way to the car. 




We finally arrived at Manchester airport and I'm feeling tired. The ride was long and I don't know how long it's gonna take for us to get to London. We were now in the plane and everyone was seated and I turned off my phone.


Jay sat down next to me and I leaned on his shoulder falling asleep.




"Babe. Babe, wake up."Jay said shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw a smiling Jay in front of me. "Are we here?"I asked and he nodded. "Yeah, we're in London."He grinned. I quickly looked out the window and it was beautiful.


We all made our way outside and into the airport. We walked over to baggage claim and got out luggages and placed them on the trolley. We made it to Heathrow airport. There were so many people around me speaking in their thick english accents, making me drool.


I love their accent. I pushed the trolley and we made our way out of the airport and now were outside waiting for our van. I sat on top off those things in front of the airport and I saw a flash making me dizzy.

"It's so swirly."I said and I heard them laughing. I probably looked stupid right now. I finally saw the van and I helped Jay put our luggages in the back of the van and got my phone out of my pocket. 


"Paul?"I looked in front and saw Mom talking to the driver. "Emma?"The man asked and mom nodded smiling and they hugged. I really wanted to ask my mother who this man is but I decided to leave it.


I turned it on and there was a message from manager. 'Paul is your driver and he will be taking you to your hotel that your staying at, and he'll let you know when is the birthday and everything.'


So this man's name is Paul. No shizz. I wonder how does Mom know him. Jay closed down the boot and he grabbed my hand helping me in the van.
















A/N: Holy shizz! Paul and Emma meet again! What would happen? Leave comments below and I will update soon. Stay Beautiful :) x


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