My Daughter is a Dancer-Harry Styles-

Bea Villabol was born when her parents divorced. Now that she's 17, she has no idea who her father is and she's not planning to. She has a passion for dancing. It's in her blood. Her boyfriend Jay Williams is her dance partner. What will happen when she meets her father without knowing it was him? If you want to know, read this to find out.

Stay Beautiful :) x


4. Nice To Meet You Mr Styles!

Bea's P.O.V



"So, Mom. How do you know Paul?"I asked jumping on the bed. "Oh, he-uhm he used to work for your father."She said and I looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"I asked. "He was your father's bo-"


"Hey, babe. Wanna go hit the studio?"Jay asked and I nodded. He came and pulled me up and I jumped on his back. "Mom, we'll be in the studio just in town."I said and she nodded. "What about Ryan?"Mom asked. "We're going with him."I said and Jay carried me out of the door.


She still needs to tell me what she was going to say.




"So have you figured anything for whoever's birthday it is?"Jay asked. "I got this dance but I don't know if I wanna do it though."I said rolling around on the ground. "Well, show it to us."Jay said. "Yeah, I wanna see it."Ryan said and I poked tongues.


I got up and walked over to the dock and played 'Drop it Low.'


"Was that okay?"I asked. "That was incredible and I'm sure whoever's owns the birthday is going to love it."Jay said pecking my lips and Ry nodded from the ground eating his burger. "Here, have something to eat."Ry handed me a packet of MC Donald's and a big sized drink.


"Yay, I'm starving."I said digging in to the delicious cheese burgers. 


I was drinking my drink until the door of the studio fell open. I turned around seeing that Paul guy and a curly hair man in his 20's or 30's I'm not sure.


"Uhm..hi."I said awkwardly looking up at the man. 


"Bea, this is Harry Styles and he'll let you know about some things for the birthday."Paul said and I nodded getting up. "Hi, nice to meet you Mr Styles. This is my boyfriend Jay and his brother Ryan but he prefers Mini Swag."I said shaking Harry's hand and he laughed.


"Please, call me Harry, Love. Nice to meet you guys."Harry grinned.


There's something funny about him. I think I've seen him somewhere...but where?

















A/N: Holy Schnitzel ! What just happened? Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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