My Daughter is a Dancer-Harry Styles-

Bea Villabol was born when her parents divorced. Now that she's 17, she has no idea who her father is and she's not planning to. She has a passion for dancing. It's in her blood. Her boyfriend Jay Williams is her dance partner. What will happen when she meets her father without knowing it was him? If you want to know, read this to find out.

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2. I'm Gonna Miss Liverpool!


Bea's P.O.V



"Mom, Jay and I are going to the mall."I called out grabbing my phone off the bench. "Okay, be safe out there."She called back. Jay grabbed the car keys and we made our way out the door. "So mall first and then grocery shopping?"Jay asked and I nodded.


We made our way to mall and there were a few people here. 

We walked past a few people and got into Forever 21. "Hey, Bea. Hey, Jay."Megan smiled. "Hey, Meg. You coming class today?"I asked and she nodded. Megan is one of my students. It may sound weird because I'm just a 17 year old  but I'm used to it. 




"Okay, this is a new dance I came up with and it's I should've kissed you by Chris Brown."I said and my class cheered. I don't know if you guys knew but I travel around the world and teach other people, it's more of like a tour thing and it's really fun.


"I'mma show you guys. Babe, ready?"I asked and Jay gave me thumbs up. I heard whistle noises making me blush. 

"Okay, here it is."I said and started dancing.


"Wooo!"I finished and everyone clapped making me laugh. "Okay, are you guys ready to try?"I asked. "Hell yeah!"One of them said and I looked at Jay laughing. "C'mon everybody get up."I said and they all got off the floor.


"Okay, so follow me. I'll slow it down for you guys, now let's start."I started showing them the first step and they followed.


"Woo! Well done guys! That was awesome! Now I want you guys to do it on your own."I said and they all got into their positions. "5, 6, 7, 8.."I counted and played the song and watched carefully. These people are amazing. Especially Ryan, he's Jay's little brother and we go everywhere with him.


He's the cutie. He is also a dancer in their family. I turned around and saw Jay talking on the phone. "Great job you guys. Take 5, everybody."I said and Jay wrapped his arms around my waist. 


"Hey, babe. I just got a call from manager and she wants to perform in London live at someone's birthday."Jay whispered in my ear and I turned around to look at him. "Did she say when we're leaving?"I asked.


"She said tomorrow at 7."He said and I nodded pecking his lips. "You did an amazing job."He said making me smile. "Thanks. You did a awesome job, talking on the phone."I mocked and he winked. 


"Will you two stop being lovey dovey and teach me the dance again."Ryan said trying to fit in the gap between Jay and I making us laugh. "Guess what buddy?"I asked. "What?"he asked. "Your coming with us to London."I said and he was shocked. "For real?"He practically yelled and Jay and I nodded laughing.


"Thank You, Aunt Bea. Your the best."He said hugging me. He always calls me Aunt and I'm all good with it. "What about your big brother?"Jay asked. "Thanks big bro."He said hugging Jay's legs. "Aww, how cute."I cooed.


"Okay, guys listen up. Jay and I got a phone call and we'll be gone to London for I don't know how long, so that means you guy won't see us around for a bit."I said and they all groaned. "Don't worry guys, we'll be back as soon as possible."I said and they all nodded.


"Okay, now let's go over that song one more time and then you guys are free to go."I said and they all got up again.


I'm gonna miss Liverpool...

























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