Of Might And Magic

In a world where magic is being hunted to the point of extinction, the Paladins (mage hunters) take a step to far and disturb an ungodly power in thier quest to destroy all Magic users.

An unfortunate target of the paladins, Damien , is forced to seek refuge among others of his kind when secrecy and bribes could no longer keep him safe.


1. Prolouge : Suspicions


    He already knew.

   Eight years old, and he already knew something was amiss. Damien lay curled up in a tight little  bundle on the remains of  his smoldering bed sheets, hands clasped  tightly around something. He sniffed back the tears and moved his thumb an inch, just enough, so only he  could see, to reveal a small rued stone. It hummed  warmly and cast a soft glow between the gaps in his fingers. He gave a shuddering breath and the stone fell cold and quiet.

  The wind rattled the shutters as  silhouette watched him silently from the doorway, they remained quiet for a few minutes as  always, Damien with his back to the figure in the door. He twitched  slightly when the man in the  hall spoke.

  "Was it a bad one?" said His father , stepping into the dull light from the oil lamp. He had  roughly cut dark-grey hair and a grizzled unshaven jaw. His eyes were small and tired, slits of green under a dense brow.

The floor creaked slightly as he crouched on his haunches next to the smoking bed. Damien rolled onto his side ,so they were face to face. He nodded glumly, tugging gently at the beads around his fathers neck

 "What happened"? he asked softly.

 The Boy scratched his nose and looked at window.

 "It was cold...and I can't reach the window and..." He looked mournfully at the stone lying still on the pillow.

      "It was an accident, Da.." and his eyes watered up again. Nathan sighed and picked up the   stone with his thumb and forefinger, it was cool and smooth now, and there was nothing to   suggest that it had just helped an eight year old boy to unwittingly summon a Pyroform.

Just because he was cold.

  "Take it"

 "hmm?" Nathan looked up. Damien was looking fearfully at the Rued stone, his arms crossed underneath him, as if to prevent him from touching it again.

 "Get rid of it, throw it in the well... I don't care"

 Nathan sighed, taking his sons hands in his own.

 " Now what would Granda think if you threw his lucky charm in the well?"

  And placed the rune stone safely in Damien's palm.

 "But what if-" His started, with a slight crack in his voice.

 "I think" Nathan interrupted loudly,

  "That you should keep it safe, to prevent other people from having accidents"

   Damien looked thoughtfully at the stone for a moment, then back at Nathan.

   "M'kay" and gave a watery smile.

    Nathan replaced the scorched bed sheet,  kissed him gently on the forehead and went back  his place at the table in the next room. Carefully threading the stone back onto its chain and  tieing the chain around his neck, Damien knew he wasn't being told something.

  Or at least, he had his suspicions.

 In the second room, Nathan shifted slightly in his seat, and moving his thumb, just a little, so only he could see, peered at the rather larger, more metallic, rued stone in his hands.

  The silence was broken by a sharp rap at the door, and he hurriedly tucked it away.







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