1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


37. Zoo

Ally's P.O.V

We arrive at the Zoo and I couldn't help but Aww. The huge sign at the front was painted with different animal patterns like giraffe, tiger, zebra, wow it was so amazing it looked too real. I feel Niall grab my hand and I give it a squeeze of appreciation.

We walk through the entrance and are immediately met with the smell of animal. Animal odour, animal hair and animal sweat most likely too.

We head to the receptionist at the front desk, near the cafeteria and gift shop, and are greeted with a familiar face.

'Hey Harry! I didn't know you got a job here!' Niall says with a smile.

'Yeah, I got a part time job here cause I've missed just doing something normal, plus I get to feed the cats!' Niall gives a massive laugh. I've never really understood the boys friendship, it seems to glue the band together. If they're having a strop or something it only takes one small laugh and it's like wildfire, catching on everyone and pretty soon everyone's it hysterics. I seriously love these boys and I admire their friendship, I'm going to miss them more than I would have thought in the first few weeks I met them.

'Ally are you ok?' Niall asks me after I snap back out if my thoughts. I rub my eyes and notice them all wet. I'd obviously got very emotional.

'Yeah I'm ok, just thinking about how I'm going to miss you all when Izzy and I leave.' Niall pulls me into a massive Niall hug.-warm, full, cozy, comfortable and it's like he means every hug.

'Ill miss you too princess...why can't you just stay?' He asks. I feel a tear form and drip down my cheek.

'I wish I could but my mum wants me back in the country so she feels safer knowing that I'm near.' I try to muffle a sniff but it turn into a snort.

'Oh my gosh I'm so sorry ahaha' I say through giggles.

'So you guys coming in or...?'Harry says with his cheeky little grin.

'Yeah, how much for two?' Niall asks.

'Uh, $56 but I'll give you a discount' He punches some numbers in to his computer. 'Uh that leads to $38 thanks.' Niall reaches into his pocket but I beat him to it. I hand Harry the money and pull Niall along rushing towards the Animal enclosures.

'Thanks Haaaaarrrrrryyyy' I yell as I pull Niall along towards the giraffes.

'Hey no fair!! this is my special treat to you you shouldn't have payed!' Niall moaned. I just laugh and brush him off.

- - -

We had been around most of the Zoo and it was near closing time. Niall had repaid me by buying the food. Who knew cotton candy, hot dogs and I cream could be so expensive together?

"We are now having a special performance at the Dolphin Enclosure." The loud speaker blasted through the megaphone.

'O let's go!' Niall yelled like a little boy excited to do something dangerous.

'Fine lets go.'

- - -

'Ok, who would like to be the first two volunteers to come and swim with the dolphins?!' The host shouted to the Audience. I swear my hand shot up faster than a rocket. Niall's hand was up and he was making this weird doing with his fingers, the thumb hiding behind his hand and his middle fingers crossed together. The speaker was looking carefully through the crowd as if she was looking for a specific person. Her eyes landed on Niall and suddenly she shouted, 'We have our winners! And look who it is, Niall Horan from One Direction!'

He stands up in his seat and waves to everyone, girls suddenly screaming and trying to move closer to us.

'Ok Niall, pick the other volunteer to swim with the dolphins!' Right then all the girls started screaming and waving their hands in the air. I just looked up at him and smiled, knowing he was most likely going to pick me. He raised his hand and points his finger of in the distance. 'YOU!' I think my heart sunk. I didn't even bother to look at who it was, I just sat in my seat, clapping like everyone else. Niall gave me a nudge in the shoulder.

'Stand up Ally!' He whispers. I look in the direction he pointed and see that it's a screen. It had been going through the crowd and obviously he had said you when it stopped on my face. Well not obviously...

I stand up and walk down the stairs of the stands holding Niall's hand, towards the host.

'Ok now you two, go just behind there and you'll find some swimsuits for you to change into. Ok, we'll see you back here soon then? Ok!'

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