1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


7. Toy Story

Ally's P.O.V

'When were they coming again?' Izzy asks. We've been waiting for an hour now. We got bored and ate all the pancakes.

'I don't kn-' As I say this I hear a knock on the door. 'I'll get it' I say.

I walk through the maze of furniture and open the door expecting to see Niall and Liam, apologizing for being late. Instead I see to guys with red faces, sweat on their forehead, making their hair cling to their face and gasping for air. 'It's still out of order?' They nod. We help them onto the couch and bring them a glass of lemonade each. 'Thanks' Liam puffs out.

'Sorry. We ate all of the pancakes while you were coming.' Izzy smiles.

'It's ok. Sorry we're late. We got held up a few times.' Niall says taking a sip of his drink. Izzy and I nod. 'I guess we need to get into better shape huh?' Liam says to Niall. He laughs. 'That's an understatement.'

After they get their energy back and had a few drinks we all sit on the couch. 'Movie time!' Izzy and I yell at the same time. 'What movie?'Niall asks. I hop off the couch to the draw where we placed them yesterday. 'What about...'

'TOY STORY!!' Liam yells. I'm guessing he saw it on the shelf. I grab it and put it in the dvd player. Niall and Liam are on the ends of the couch and Izzy's sitting next to Liam, so I sit down next to Niall and he smiles.

- - -

I wake up to find myself asleep on Niall's shoulder. It was surprisingly comfy. I look up to see Niall awake and staring at me. I pull my head off his shoulder so he knows I'm awake.

'Good Sleep?' he asks. I nod. That's when I notice Liam and Izzy weren't there. 

'They went up to her room.' He says, like he read my thoughts. I sit back down next to Niall. 'How long was I asleep?' I ask. 'Well we watched the movie at one and it's now 6. The movie was two hours so about...three hours?'.

Wow. 'And you sat there the whole time?' He nods. 'I didn't want to wake you.' I admire his sweetness and smile. 


Niall pulls out his phone from his pocket. He reads it with a sad face. 'I have to go. So does Liam.'

'Why?' Is all I can say. 'Meeting with Simon and they boys.'

That reminds me. 'How come they rest of the band wasn't sitting near you and Liam?'

'They were in first class.' He looks at my confused look. 'They took the last spots to we had to sit in the economy class. It was a good thing though.' He looks up at me.

'Why?' I ask.

'Cause I met you.'

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