1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


11. Top 5's.

Liam's P.O.V

Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall and I are all eating pizza, watching a movie, when I get a text. The screen flashes, showing the name 'Simon Cowell'.

Simon Cowell: Hello Liam! Please tell the boys to come to my office, with their top 5 One Direction song list. Thx! Simon.

Uh-Oh. I forgot to write mine down. 'Guys have you wrote your top 5 songs?' I say, breaking the silence from the movie. Zayn says yes, so does Harry and Niall but Liam shakes his head. I grab the remote and stop the movie, causing lots of 'No!'s and 'Liam!!'s. 

'We need to go to Simon's, he text me. Bring your top 5 songs with you. Liam and I will write them in the car so Harry, you drive. I grab the keys off the bench and chuck them at him. 'Sure, Daddy Direction' Harry says with a wink.

- - -

We all walk in and sit around the table, Simon at the head.

'Hand me your lists and I'll put the most common through. We will only perform 13 songs and there are, at the most, 25 songs here.' Simon says. We hand him the slips of paper. I wrote mine in maybe 6 minutes? Zayn said it took him an hour! They were:

1. Best Song Ever

2. Summer Love (it popped into my mind because of Izzy!<3)

3. Up All Night

4. I wish

5. I want

I don't know what the other boys put but I know that they all said Best Song Ever was going to be their first choice. So we'll definitely be performing that.

'Great' Simon says. 'And have you decided on a cover to sing?'.

We nod. 'Just give me a reason by P!nk' Louis says.

'Ok.' Simon writes it down on paper. 'I'll text you all the 13 songs you will be performing later this evening'. As he says this my pocket vibrates. A text from Izzy.

Izzy-Fizzy<3: Wana go on a double date with Niall and Ally to Nando's?

I reply saying: Sure<3 Does Ally and Niall know?

A few seconds later she replies saying she'll text them. I see Niall look under the table, then look at me. I smile and he nods then look s back down.

When? I text to Izzy.

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