1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


27. That was...weird.

Ally's P.O.V

Our hotel room was filled with loudness and laughter. I say was because it's empty now. Niall, Lou, Zayn, Liam and Harry were over, playing a game of truth or dare until.. well this.

- - -

'Truth or dare?' I ask Zayn. He looks nervous.


Hmm. Let me think. 'Who do you like?' His face goes red.

'Come on' Niall says nudging his shoulder. I smile at him.

'You can tell us' Lou smiles. Zayn sighs.

'Well...' He stops and looks at me. Oh no. I think I know who it is...

'It's Ally.' He looks away while everyone else looks at me. I look at Niall. Wow. His ears are fuming! Not literally but if we were in a cartoon right now...yeah.

Niall leans into Zayn's ear and whispers something. I can't tell what it is but Zayn nods and stands up along with Niall. 'Well.. Be back soon?' Niall says and walks out the door Zayn following behind.

'Ok?' I say trying to break the akwardness.

'That was.... weird' Harry says.

'Umm.. Yeah. Do you wan to uh start the round again? Izzy you start.' I mumble out. She nods and turns to Liam. I can't exactly process this. I mean..Zayn? I met Niall on the plane coming here. We fell in love instantly. But Zayn? I take a deep breath and try to forget what just happened.

Zayn's P.O.V

'I can expla-' I'm cut off short by Niall.

'Don't mess with my relationship Zayn. Please.' He looks into my eyes and me into his. His eyes whom I can trust with my life. Eyes that have never betrayed me. Eyes that I have been through thick and thin with. But now... They look sad. Hurt even.

'I wasn't messing with your relationship. I just, can't help it.' I simply say. He takes a gulp of air.

'Every time I find a girl who I might like or in this case LOVE, you find a way to either ruin it, destroy it or have to fancy her too.' he says. 

'I- I'm sorry Niall.' I say. 'But this time, it's different. I'm falling in love with her.'

He glares at me. 'Don't you think I am too?' I sigh. 

I say I'm sorry, then walk past him, towards Starbucks. I need to clear my mind.

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