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(Niall Fanfic)


39. Surprise!!

(A/N: Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful comments etc! It's nice to know people appreciate it. Also, this is the last chapter! There will most likely be an epilogue so second to last chapter! Anyway, hope you're enjoying it... So please, continue reading:)

- - -

Niall's P.O.V

I stop the car at the destination and hop out, opening the other door for Ally.

She jumps out and raises her hands to take her blindfold off.

'No! Um, no!' I shout and hold her hands down, knowing that this must look really weird to the onlookers. Even though it was dark and pretty much night, there were still a lot of people about.

She puts up a struggle but gives up in the end. 'Fine! But don't expect me to jump for joy if the surprise doesn't live up to my standards.' I give a chuckle. 'Oh it will.'

I lead Ally down a path through some cherry trees in full bloom. They look so beautiful in the moon light. I wish Ally wasn't tied up like that. I just know she would love this walk. I hold her by the shoulders and steer her over a small patch of grass towards the building.

'Ok, so there's going to be a lot of stairs but I'll be there to guide you so you don't trip ok?' She nods. Ok.

About one hundred and something stairs later

'Are....we..*gasp*.. At the... Top yet?' Ally pants as we reach the final few steps.

'Almost...there.' I pant back. This reminds me of when Liam and I had to take the stairs when the elevator was out of order... I guess we never got round to the gym.

We reach the top and the world suddenly spins and I find myself leaning on Ally to steady myself. I gasp for air.

'Niall! Are you ok?' I hear Ally's voice say from somewhere far away. Or close by. Dunno it's changing.

'Screw this I'm taking my blindfold off!' She yells.

- - -

Ally's P.O.V

I take my blindfold off and my eyes are met with a breath taking view. I take one quick look around I know immediately where we are. On top of the Eiffel Tower. I hear a gasp from behind and turn to see Niall on the ground, gasping for air with a red face and sweat clinging to his forehead.

'Oh my gosh Niall are you ok!?' I say and rush to his side.

He smiles as he takes in a lungful of air. 'Lets just say Liam and I never got around to hitting the gym'. Oh thank god he's not dying. I reach out a hand to pull him up. Once he's in his feet I rush to the side railing and look out across Paris. I take a side look at my watch and see that's it's 8.30pm. The lights across the city look amazing, like little fire flies. The view is really breath taking. Even after being in Paris for three months, Izzy and I never got around to going up here, what with meeting One Direction and everything. Haha, if I had know all of this was going to happen a few months ago... Wow. It's weird to think about that really. I woke up with a slipper getting through into my stomach. Now I'm on top of the fricken Eiffel Tower with my boyfriend... Niall Horan. Speaking of Niall where is he...

I turn around and almost jump. There was no one on this level expect us two and now, a violin player, standing next to a fancy table and chairs with two silver platters.

'Ni-' I start.

'Sh.' He says and walks up to me with a rose. 'Happy Anniversary Babe.' He whispers and plants a kiss on my cheek. I blush as he takes my hand and leads me to the table, pulling out my chair.

'Thank you.' I say and Niall goes around the table to sit in his own chair. He smiles and takes a sip of his drink, I do the same.

'Niall... Thank you. Today has been really amazing.. I mean I really really appreciate it. You could have just bought me a necklace or somethi-'


'Excuse me?' I was confused.

'No.' He says. 'No, I could not have bought you just a necklace. I wanted to give you something memorable. Not just a necklace that you'll probably loose sometime in life. I couldn't just give you a necklace, I had to give you memories, care, time, love. I had to show my love.' Wow. I never realised he cared so much.

'Well thank you. But really, you didn't have to..'

'But I did. I did have to. Do you realise what we did today?' He asks. Uhmm.. What?

'What do you mean? We went to the beach, had a picnic, went to Zoo and now this. I couldn't ask for anything more'

He shakes his head. 'Well yes, but also... When we went to the beach we kissed underwater.. On your Bucket list. We had a water fight with 8+ people at the beach after that, also on your bucket list. Then we had a picnic on the beach... On your bucket list... Then you got to pet the tiger at the Zoo, and swim with dolphins... Now you're on top the Eiffel Tower.' He says with a small grin. Oh my god, I didn't even realise. I was so in aw of what we were doing I didn't even notice.

'I - I don't know what to say... Thank you.. It- it means a lot.' He just nods and lifts our silver dish cover thingys off, revealing two peri peri chicken meals, obviously from Nandos. I smile.

'Our first date together' I say. He nods.

'You remembered' he says.

'Of course I remember! It was a special moment. I'm guessing there's Pancakes as dessert for the first time you came over?'

'well. Aren't you a know it all then?' He chuckles. I laugh. Oh Niall.

- - -


'You know, after all this time. Knowing you and all the boys, I still haven't changed my alarm ringtone from Best Song Ever.' I say. He laughs a big Niall Laugh.

'Seriously?!' I nod.

'Well this doesn't match that, but I still haven't changed my phone wallpaper from a pic I took of you when you fell asleep on my shoulder, on that first day Liam and I came over.'

I almost spit out my lemonade everywhere. 'WHAT!' He laughs again.

'Look I'll show you.' He pulls out his phone and there it is. A photo of me, horrendously sleeping on his shoulder. How could he have not pissed himself laughing taking that?

Like he read my mind.

'It was a struggle to take that without my head falling off with laughter'.

'Ok ok. Well, I still have the photo I took on the plane of us and Liam.' His eyes go wide.

'What? I've never actually seen a fan photo before. Normally they take a photo and run off squealing.' He says.

'Fangirling.' I correct him.


'Never mind.' I pull out my phone from my pocket and show him the picture.

'Wow.' He says. 'I remember this day as if it were yesterday. I was kicking your seat cause I was bored,... You were telling me off then you noticed it was me... ...Haha. You looked so beautiful. You still do.' He says lifting his eyes from the photo back up to my eyes. I blush.

'You don't look to bad yourself mr suit and tie.'

'Ally? Come over here with me.' He mysteriously says and walks off to the rails, looking over Paris. I stand up and push back my chair, making a massively annoying, loud scrapping sound agains the floor.

Niall looks over at me.


I walk over to Niall and he grabs my hand, still looking over at the view. 'You know'. He says. 'When all this is over id like to settle down one day.'

'What do you mean, "When this is all over"? I ask.

'When all the fame, and paps stalking, and fans crowding, and crashing public events stops. When I can be normal and settle down.'

'Oh.' I whisper. 'Ok.'

He looks me right in the eye. 'I love you Ally.' He says.

'I lov-' Suddenly he gets down on one knee and pulls something out of his sock. Oh my god.

I pull my hands over my mouth. This isn't happening. Niall Horan is not doing this. Why would he? Why should he?!

He pulls a small box out of his sock and places it in his hand, looking up at me.

'I have a feeling it's not going to stop anytime soon.' He smiles.

'Will you Marry me?' He looks into my eyes and I can sense his nervousness. That's how I know he's the one. I can always sense him. And I'm pretty sure he knew I rolled my eyes under that blindfold. I sensed him sense me.

A tear rolls down my cheek.

'I mean, this is so soon. Of course I want to.. but... We've been together three months...'.

'But Ally, I don't think i'm rushing it at all, I mean, I seriously thought this through and I think you're the one. We don't have to get married for another year or two, just say yes.' He looks into my eyes. 'Please.'

Another year or two... that would be enough I think...

'Of course I will, do you think i'm crazy!?'

He stands up and embraces me in a massively warm hug, filling the cold night.

'Wait!' I say. His face falls. 'I didn't get you an anniversary gift!' He shakes his head.

'You're all I need.'

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