1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


1. Spring.

When you think of the word 'spring' what do you think of? And I don't mean the spring that's inside of pens, or the spring in a trampoline. I mean the spring, the season. Well when I think of spring I think of baby animals, flowers, pastel colours, green hills and blue skies. I think of love, sweetness, the cool breeze brushing through my hair. I don't know what you think of spring, all I know is that I love it.

- - - 


I wake up from my long, peaceful sleep to the sound of Izzy's voice.

'Wake up bitch!' she screams.

I bolt up into a sitting position, mainly because she threw a shoe at my stomach, winding me. As I sit up I see my One Direction calender. My mouth forms an 'O' shape as I see the date of today.

'Yes Ally, it's today, so get your lazy ass up and in the shower.' she throws the other shoe at me and walks away without another word. 

I can't help but feel excited as today is the first day of spring. Izzy and I have been dreaming about this day since we were in year eight. We were finally making our dreams come true. After seven years. We were finally going to fly across the globe, to Paris.

I race into the shower, not wanting to waste time and slip on the bath mat. 'AH!' I cry out in pain. I hear foot steps heading towards my door then see Izzy stand in the door frame and shake her head. 'You almost murdered me. I thought someone snuck in your window or something.' she says. 'Wouldn't I be the one who would most likely be murdered then?' I querie. 'Not unless it was a boy'.

I glare at her and get up of the ground, the pain gone. She just giggles and walks away. How can she bring that up? She knows how desperate I am for someone to love me, to hold me in there arms while I silently fall asleep. Ok, That seems weird but I haven't had a boyfriend in like...ever. And I'm 19. 

- - -

'Chuck us some cornflakes'

I laugh at Izzy's failed attempt at being 'cool'. 'here'.

I'm wearing a faded american flag tank with some white high-waisted shorts. I look down at my feet and see my yellow ankle-length converse.

Sexy. As Izzy would say. I would say the same to her but... She's wearing a white tank with a flowery white pattern over it, with a teal colour shorts. She has her hair in a fish tail, while mines in a messy bun and she's wearing her gray Vans... I wouldn't say she's sexy. I would say she's a sexy bitch.

We finish our breakfast and go to pack our suitcases. I pack two pairs of bikini's, pajamas, make-up and all the essentials. Pulling it along behind me I head down the stairs and watch TV, waiting for Izzy to finish packing. It's on MTV and I don't bother to change it. A interview of One Direction comes on and suddenly I'm all eyes on the screen. 

Louis: So yeah, were really looking forward to it. I hear there are a lot of babes there.

Harry: That's the only reason why Louis is going.

Interviewer: *chuckles* Boys, were all sure going to Paris isn't about about the girls. So tell me when are you performing your special, one-night only concert?

Niall: Umm... September 14th, so 2 weeks. We're leaving tomorrow for France, then staying in a hotel for the fortnight, maybe do some sight-seeing.


I stop listening after that. All I think about is, Oh My Gosh. One Direction will be in Paris the same time as us. AHHH!

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