1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


13. (Pt 2.)Double Date & Hate.

We arrive at Nando's at exactly 6.30pm and it looks like it's starting to rain. Izzy and I sit down at a table near a fire while Liam and Niall go to get some menu's.

'So. Have you and Niall, you know, kissed yet?' Izzy asks. I'm surprised. Why would she want to know?

'Uh, No. Not yet.' I look down at my feet. The boys come back holding the menus, glasses and a big jug of water. I'ts a booth so Niall and I sit next to each other and Izzy faces me, with Liam next to her.

'So, remember how on the plane, you said you were coming her to check some stuff off your bucket list? What type of stuff?' Niall asks Izzy and I.

'Well we've already checked off one.' I say.

'And what's that?' Liam asks.

'Meet someone famous.'

Niall and Liam smirk. 'Some other things were like, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Kiss in the rain, kiss underwater just random stuff really.' Izzy says. I feel my cheeks go pink as she say's the last two. Niall looks at me and smiles.' I'm sure you will complete it before you go. When were you leaving again?'

'Umm.. 4 months. Yeah.' Izzy says. Niall looks down. 'Why are you sad Nialler?' I ask taking my hand in his. 'Well, were leaving for the surprise tour in four weeks. So I'll be missing you for three months. Probably more because you'll be back home when the tour finishes. Unless...' He trails off.


'Oh right sorry, unless you and Izzy come on tour with us?' He says quietly. I think my insides just melted away inside of me. I catch Izzy's eye and It's clear she feels the same way. 'YES!' We both say/scream together. Just then a waitress comes up to us. 

'Hello, and welcome to Nando's. What may I get you?'

I look at the menu while Niall says his order. I can't decide so I say 'the same please.' Niall smiles and holds my hand tighter, giving me butterflies. We finish ordering and chat some more. This is going to be a really fun night.

- - -

By the time we've finished our meals and payed, it's pouring with rain. We head outside, Niall giving me his jacket. Izzy and Liam are running ahead to the car when Niall suddenly stops.

'Niall! It's raining!' I say, getting drenched.

'I know' And with that he kisses me passionately on the lips. My first kiss, with a pop star. I know, you're probably thinking, you're 19! but it's true. He's my first kiss.He licks my lower lip asking for entrance and I happily grant it. After what seems like an hour I pull away, biting his lip. He smiles and we carry on running to his car.

- - -

I take a shower when we get back to warm myself up. Izzy's in her shower and Niall's in the bathroom. Liam was waiting in the kitchen for the first one out. I guess I'm not first out because when I walk into kitchen in my Pj's , Liam's not there and Niall was watching TV. My phone suddenly violently starts beeping, causing Niall to look up startled at the noise. It was cute. He looked like a startled little deer. I pull out my phone and see that my twitter notifications have been going mad. I log in and read through my news feed. I feel a tear form in my left eye but fight to hold it in. Niall wraps his arm around my shoulder as I sit down on the couch next to him. 

'What's wrong princess?' He asks.

'I'm getting hate on twitter.' I sob.

'WHAT!' he shouts. He stands up and starts pacing around the room. He starts muttering things like. Who the fuck would do that? And, Fucking, fuck. I've never seen Niall so angry and It scared me.

'Niall. Calm down. It's fine. It's just people saying I'm not good enough for you. And It's true. I'm not worth your kindness, and caring nature.' I say. And with that I grab my phone,and rush to my room, bumping into Liam in the way. 'What's the matter Ally?' He says. I ignore him, tears streaming down my face and lock the door behind me.

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