1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


16. Pay Back.

Ally's P.O.V

It's been almost a week since we dated and I want to do something special for our 1 week anniversary, which it tomorrow. My wounds have turned into faded scars and I try not to talk about it. Niall and I have been on numeral dates to Starbucks, Nando's, the movies and just out. It's been great. I haven't logged into twitter since... You know, and I'm not planning to for a while. Niall makes me forget all of the comments and that helps me relax.

I'm at the mall, trying to find the perfect present. I'm going to make him breakfast in bed, because we decided that he would stay the night tonight, made of pancakes and strawberries, wear his crazy mofo top ( because I know how much he likes it when I wear his t -shirts.) Then give him his gift, only I don't know what the gift is yet. I search through all the stores and can't find anything except a few CD's but I don't know which he will like best. So I text Niall, 

'Hey babe Xx,  just a quick question, What's your favourite band?'

He texts back almost as soon as I sent it. '5SOS'. I had a feeling he would say that, but I wasn't sure.

I buy a Five Seconds Of Summer CD then look for a top. I find a white tank with 5SOS on it and buy that too. At the counter the man serving me asks if I want it gift wrapped, so I say yes, and he grabs some silver wrapping paper, then ties it with a blue ribbon. 'Thanks'.

It's 5.00pm so I head back, after buying some groceries, and find Niall sitting on the couch. 'Ahh!' I scream. He looks at me and I quickly hide the present behind my back.

'What's wrong babe?' He asks. 

'Oh, nothing.'I said. I screamed because I didn't know he was here and I didn't want him to see the silver parcel. I rush to my room and stuff it in my wardrobe and run back downstairs to see Niall and Izzy un-packing the groceries that I had dropped on the floor. 

'Hey Izzy'. I say. Niall looks up at me. 

'You say hi to her and not to me?' He walks over to me, grips onto both my hands and entwines his fingers in mine. Staring at me with those big, beautiful blue eyes, inches away from my lips he whispers, 'Beg for my forgiveness'. I silently sigh. He will regret saying that. No one make's Ally beg. Not even my boyfriend.

'Please forgive me Nialler! It will never happen again.' I look at him with my puppy dog face. He doesn't look convinced. I try again, more harsh. 'Nialler. Forgive me...' I stop and kiss him, very passionately. I looks taken aback but soon kisses back, moving our lips in rhythm. He licks my bottom lip, wanting more but I fight it. This is payback for making me beg. I go more passionate and run my fingers through his hair, pulling it a little. He asks for entrance again but still, I decline, teasing him. I can feel him getting annoyed. I go even more rough and tug at his ear, knowing how much it turns him on. And place my other hand on his lower waist, making him want more of me. He moves his hands down from my neck to my bottom, and cups it with his hands, that's when I hear foot steps leave the room and know that Izzy's gone into her room. Probably disgusted. He pushes us closer together, if that's even possible. He tries to force his tongue in between mine but I hold my lips in place. I look down ever so slightly and see his huge bulge. That's exactly where I want him. I pull away and back up from him. Now he looks angry. I carry on with what I was saying. 'If you don't. That will never happen again.' I smirk and carry on putting away the groceries.

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