1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


23. Now I'm dead

'Shhh. It's ok baby. It's ok.' I hear Niall's voice and immediately open my eyes and back away. 

I'm in a small room that i don't recognise. It has posters of 5SOS and N'SYNC, a double bed in the middle of the room and a guitar in the corner. When I backed away I fell on the ground, from the bed. Looking up into Niall's eye's I see he's hurt. They're not the dark purple colour I saw before. They're the baby blue that I know and love. What am I saying he just slapped and punched me!

'Princess?' He says reaching to grab me. Again I back away.

'Don't' I whisper. I think I see a tear form. 'Why baby?' He goes to grab my arm again and I scream. 'Don't touch me!' He look's wounded.

'I- I'm sorry.' He says and walks out of the room.

Niall's P.O.V

I go into the lounge, Ally being in my room, lie down head facing the pillow and cry. Letting all the tears flow. My girlfriend. Ally. The most precious thing in the world to me. Hate's me. Scared of me. Won't even let me touch her. What did I do? After the concert we went home in the limo but Ally was asleep. I carried her bridle style and lay her in bed, pulled the sheets over her and went to bed, playing with her hair. In the morning I woke up to her screaming my name. She must have been having a bad dream so I rubbed her back and tried to soothe her. Which failed. She woke up, saw me and backed away. That hurt. That wounded me.

'Princess?' I say carefully, reaching to stroke her hair out of her face.

'Don't' She says.

'Why baby?' She flinches when I say baby. I go to stroke her arm.

'Dont touch me! She screams. That killed me.

'I- I'm sorry.' I walk out of the room. Now i'm dead.

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