1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


33. Little Li Li's Drunk

Zayn's P.O.V


I wait at home, deciding whether or not to call Megan. I mean, is it to soon? It's been a day. Is it to late!? I need help. I grab my phone from my bedside table and flop down on the bed. Contacts contacts, where are you? Aha. I click on Liam's name, knowing he's the most understanding of them all. I definitely wasn't going to call Ally, Izzy or Niall. No way. After a few rings my phone makes a weird dead like sound. What the hell? I take the phone away from my ear and look at the screen. 'Incoming call from Louis' always something Lou. Jeez.


'HEY ZAYNIE BOI!!' Louis shouts through the phone. What is with him?

'Hey carrot boi!' I say back. The line goes silent for a bit.

'That was four years ago. It was a joke. Ok? Can I carry on now?' He doesn't wait for an answer.

'So! The football match has been moved to tomorrow!!! I can't wait! Are you still in ma team?' I totally forgot about the match! Wait...

'Is Niall or Ally going to be there?' I feel him hesitate.


'Really? Lou!' This time no hesitation.

'Theyre not! Just show up at one, the games at two thirty!'

'Kay Kay!' I say then end call. Now. For more important matters...

I scroll through my phone and click Liam's name. He picks up after eight rings. Good job Liam. You made an impatient man wait. Way to go.

'Goodbye?' A groggy Liam picks up.

'Liam! It's hello not goodbye and I need your advice.' I say peacefully.

'Argh!! Don't need to shout!' He yells himself. I roll my eyes.

'Is widdle Li Li drunk?' I mock. He groans.

'Dont remind me. Advice? Is that what u said before?'

'Oh yeah! Well... I got this girls number yesterday but I don't know if it's to soon or to late!?'

I here him mumble something but couldn't catch it.

'What was that sorry?'

'Was it Ally's number?' I freeze and take a deep breath.

'No. It was Megan's. Please, can we leave that in the past and forget about it? Can you please help!?'

'Just ring her already! You're giving me a headache. Don't speak so loud! I told you that already. If you come over bring me some pills, I ran out'. Then he hangs up.

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