1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


9. Good and Bad.


Ally's P.O.V

'I wonder what the meeting was about?' I ask Izzy. She shrugs. 

'Anyway back to me. Liam asked me out!!!' She starts shrieking expecting me to join her. But I just sit there wondering what they're doing. I think it's something bad, because it's been an hour and Niall hasn't text me yet. Izzy looks at me with a sympathetic smile. 

'They'll be back soon. Don't worry yourself.'

I nod and go make some dinner. It was now 7.30. I just put some tinned spaghetti in the  microwave then flop it all on a plate. 'DINNERS READY!' I shout. We haven't really had time to do shopping so this was all we had. I make a mental checklist of what to buy tomorrow.

Bzzz. I get a text.


I have something good and bad to tell you. Which do you want first? The band will be at yours in 5.


I knew there was something to worry about! I tell Izzy but she just carries on eating.

Five minutes later there's a knock on the door. I go and open it, Izzy following me. I see five handsome guys standing in front of me, but I only had eyes for one. Niall standing at the back. I get everyone in and on the couch then go up to Niall. 

'Bad thing first' I say. He looks up at me. 'I'm going to tour in four weeks.' 

Shit. I won't see him. I sit down next to him and manage to say, 'And the good thing?' 

Niall looks into my eyes. Oh, how I love those eyes. I could stare into them all day and never get bored.

'Will you be my princess?'

My mouth forms an 'O' shape. Niall Freaking Horan asked me to be his girl friend. 

'Yes!' I say through an enormous smile. He smiles back. 'So what do you want to do, princess?' He asks. Princess. I like it. <3

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