1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


40. Epilogue


*Twenty Years Later*


Niall's P.O.V

'You naughty girl!' I say through fits of giggles.

'Sorry daddy, I just wanted to draw.' My five year old daughter, Emma, sheepishly says.

'Well. You've been bad but now's not the time. You ready to go?' I ask and pick her up, straightening the bow in her hair. She nods and wraps her arms around my neck, clinging onto my shoulders.

'Ok, princess, time to go to school.' She wraps her arms around me tighter.

'Sweety, it's not that bad. You'll make lots of friends and have fun. I even think you do art there! Sounds fun right?'

'But daddy, I don't want to go! No one will like me.' I take Emma off my back and twirl her round in front of me.

'Who wouldn't like you? I bet all the boys will fall for that grin of yours' I say with a wink and carry her to the car while she bursts into giggles.

Ally's P.O.V

*Ring Ring*

'Hello?' I answer as I pick up my phone and pull the car to the side of the road.

'Hey hun, just calling to tell you Em and I are on our way to the school.' It's Niall.

'Well. Wish her kisses from mommy and tell her I love her. I'm just about at the orthodontist with Ash, How's she handling it?' I ask, nervous for her.

'She has her moments but its gone with a quick laugh.' I grin. I hear some talking in the background.

'Mommy?' Aww.

'Hey princess, how you doing? You ready for school?'

I feel a tug at my sleeve.

'Yes mommy but we're here now mommy, I love you bye' Then the line goes dead. Ok then. I put my phone back in my pocket and answer to my son.

'Yes Ash?'

'Was that Dad?' I nod. 

I pull out from the curb and carry on driving to the dentist.

- - -

'Mom?' Ash asks after a few minutes of silence.


'Do...do braces... do they hurt?' He asks.

'Well, I don't know. I got them over twenty years ago when I was 15. Plus, the technology behind it has probably improved so they might hurt less. You're only 12 so I don't know what the difference will be.'

'Oh ok then...' I see that I haven't fully answered his question.

'Ash, look at me. They hurt just a bit ok? It takes about 20 minutes, more or less to glue them to your teeth, then they tighten them just a wee bit ok? It won't hurt for a few hours but after that you start to feel them again. And no' I say seeing the look on his face. 'They don't give you injections ok?' He nods. 'Well we're here now anyway so you better be ready!'

'I'm kidding!'

- - - 

Few hours later

I pull into the driveway after a long day at work and come home to see scribbles on the wall, Ash lying on the couch with a face full of frozen peas and Niall talking frantically on the phone. This is what I get I suppose.

Emma comes rushing in with lipstick smeared all over her face. 'Hey honey, how was school?' I ask as she reaches for the crayons. 

'It was so fun! I drew a picture today! The teacher let me take it home to show you and daddy!' She rushes out of the room again.

'Ow' I hear a moan from behind me.

'Man up Ash, it can't be that bad!'

'Mmhm' I roll my eyes.

Emma comes rushing back in, wide eyes with a picture in her hand.

'wow Emma this is... wow its amazing!'

It was actually really amazing! Well, for a five year old it was. It had a mixture of green colours down the bottom of the page as grass, in the back ground there was a mixture of blues of the sky and in the for ground was the Eiffel Tower. Well, a bunch of triangles and crosses but you get the idea of what it is.

'I made it for you and daddy, mommy.' I pick her up and cuddle her. She plants a kiss on my lips and brushes the lipstick all over me.

'Ok now Missy, you go wash that off.'

Suddenly Niall hangs up the phone and starts jumping around the kitchen like a lunatic.

'What honey?'

'I was just on the phone with the guys!'

'What! Really? You haven't't been in touch with them for years!'

He nods. 'I know! They want us, and the kids to all come down on a holiday, camping down at the beach! Izzy, Liam and their kids are going, same with Louis and Melissa's kids, and Zayn and megan. Harry's organizing the whole thing and everyone's counting on us to go.'

I think about it. I mean, Emma just started school..

'Come on, its only for two weeks!'

'Fine. When's the trip?'

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