1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


32. Bucket List:)

Ally's P.O.V

'What else are you adding to your list?' Izzy asks.

'Uh, water fight with at least 8 people, go on a romantic picnic on the beach watching the sunset go down... What about you?'

Izzy and I were writing our bucket lists. That's the main reason why we flew to Paris. Do complete the desired. So far I've completed four, Izzy's completed three. Mine we're Meet One Direction, get a boyfriend, first kiss and kiss in the rain. Izzy's were the first three.

'Eat snails and frog legs, the delicacies here, and kiss underwater.' I smile.

'Lets try to complete lots today!' I exclaim. She nods.

On my list I had;

First kiss

Kiss in the rain

Eiffel Tower

Water fight (8Minimum)


Meet One Direction

Get a Boyfriend

Kiss under water

Swim with dolphins

Pet a tiger

Write a song

I came up with loads more on the trip here but I forgot them all. Whoops.

I run upstairs to grab my jacket and camera. 'Get ready u lazy mutha-' I start to shout but get cut off by my phone ringing.

'Hello?' I question.

'Hey Ally!!!' Says an over excited Lou.

'Whats up?'

'I just got told that my charity football match is moved to this weekend! I was wondering if you and or Izzy played football and wanted to be in my team?' I could sense his grin growing bigger by the second.

'I don't know Lou.. I don't really do sports..'

'Aww! Please! Think of the children...' I do think. I think so long Lou thinks I'm not there anymore.

'ALLY!!!' Louis yells a high pitched scream.

'Im right here calm down!! So the charity is for children? What exactly?'

He pauses for a bit.

'Well, ex children? They've grown?'

'What the fudge Lou'.

'Its for old people but no one likes old people so I just call it the charity football match. No offence to old people.' I roll my eyes.

'Fine but don't expect me to be a ball hogger. I'll probably be the goalie. By Lou! Oh, izzy will be right into that so yeah, she's a yep!' And I hang up on him.

'IZZY!! IN THE WEEKEND WERE PLAYING FOOTBALL!!' I shout down the stair way.

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