1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


8. Big News.

Louis's P.O.V

Where are they? 

Simon, Paul, Harry, Zayn and I were all sitting around the oval table in Simon's office waiting for Niall and Liam. 'I have some big news so I'll have to wait a bit longer.' Simon says looking frazzled. Suddenly the door bursts in and there Niall and Liam are, panting. 

'Sorry we're late!' Liam puffs.

'It's fine, we haven't started yet.' Simon says relived that they've finally come.

'So what's the big news?' I say.

'Well. Seeing as your band is a global sensation I came up with an idea. In four weeks, One Direction will be doing a world wide tour. We haven't come up with name yet but the songs are random.' Simon pauses to look around the room. My mouth is hanging open and so is everyone else's. 

'But I'll be away from Eleanor again!'

'Iv'e only just got a girlfriend, today!' Liam says. this makes everyone turn around to look at him. 

'Who?' we all say.

'This amazing girl named Izzy. She's Niall's crushes best friend.' He says. This causes Niall to blush and look at the floor. 'Niall, go for it mate! She's 'bound to say yes!' Harry says to him. 'K' Is all I hear.

'Anyway, back to the tour. The songs will be random. So pick your top 5 favourite songs and report back to me once you have them. We will be doing only 1 song that isn't ours, so discuss with each other. Oh, and think of a name for the tour. We will be leaving in four weeks. That's all. Thank you.' Simon finishes. Everyone is shocked that he only told us now. They all leave the room but I stay behind. 'What about poor Niall? How is he supposed to survive a long distance relationship if they've only gone out for 3 weeks before the tour?' I shout a little to loud at Simon. He looks taken aback. 'And what about Liam? He just got a girlfriend, and he's really happy. What about Zayn and Perrie? What about Eleanor and I?' I shout, my temper rising for no apparent reason. 'Hold up Lou, This is for the fans. Do twit cams, they can come on tour with us, we'll give them free backstage pass tickets. We can work through this!' Simon calmly says. 'Fine, but if it doesn't work..' I shake my head and walk out the door to join the others.

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