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1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


35. Beach

Ally's P.O.V

'Ok. So what? You're just going to expect me to go and swim in the freezing cold water?' I say as I stand at the edge of the ocean waves in my purple and white polka dot bikini, my hair tied up in a sock bun.

'No.' Niall says with a short grin. I give a sigh of relief.

'That's why I'm going to throw you in'. What.

The next thing I know is being picked up and dragged into the freezing, and I mean absolutely positively FREEZING, water. I gasp and splutter as I struggle to reach the surface. I feel hands around my waist and rise to the surface. A grinning Niall stands before me, only wet up to his knees.

'That wasn't so bad was it?' He asks, giving a hand out to help me up. Perfect.

'Sure I guess not...'I say reaching for his hand. I get a firm grip . '...only because I got to do this!'. I say and violently jerk his arm downwards. He comes tumbling down and lands ontop of me. He starts spluttering as his head pops up above the waves.

'What was that for!?' he asks. I give him a look of 'Are you seriously asking me that sooo obvious question!?'. 

'Oh. Right. Sorry.' He says. I laugh it off and splash water onto his bare chest. 

'Hey!' He shouts.

'That's what cows eat!' I say laughing and try to run away, which if you didn't know is extremely hard in water. I turn my head towards Niall and burst out laughing. he looks like a confused lost little puppy.

'Cows eat HAY not HEY. I said Hey as in 'What was that for?' not Hay as in the thing...cows eat...' Omg boys are so weird.

- - -

'What up!?' Liam yells running down the sand dunes towards us, dragging Izzy along with him. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Megan are following behind, all wearing their togs and sunnies.

'Nothing much, other than the fact Niall threw me in the water about an hour ago and now he's gone to get ice cream for us.' I say as I lay down my magazine on the sand.

'Aww, did poor Ally get her hair wet?' Louis mock-pouts as the everyone catches up with Liam and Izzy. I roll my eyes.

'Actually I did, but I got Niall's hair wet too.' His eyes widen in shock.

'Yep.' I say knowing what that look meant. Niall hated his hair wet, other than in the shower. It was quite funny a few weeks ago, We were all in Harry's pool having a good time and for a laugh Zayn splashed his hair from the side of the pool, Zayn doesn't swim. Niall got so annoyed he chucked him in the pool and Megan had to drag him to the shallow end. 

'Hey, I'm back. Whats up guys?' Niall says coming back with two ice creams.

'Mmm' Everyone mumbles quietly.

'Well ok then' He says, handing me my icecream.

'You know what?' I say as I look around at everyone. They all shrug.

'I'm not really in the mood for icecream.' I stand up, still holding my icecream and plunge it towards Niall's nose. Its about to hit him when he grabs my wrist.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you...' Then guess what? He smudges his icecream into my face.

He suddenly lets go of my arm and runs towards the water like a mad man, laughing like crazy.

'Ouuuuuuuu' Everyone says as I wipe my face with my hand.

'He's gonna get it isn't he?' Izzy laughs.

'He's not just going to get it. He's going to pay for it.' I start to march towards the ocean, while the others follow behind. Niall is still facing the other way so I run up to him and jump onto his back, causing him to collapse beneath me.

I open my eyes, still underwater, and see Niall smiiling at me. I wonder what he's thinking about? Suddenly he reaches for the back of my head and pulls me in for a kiss. 

It's like in a second all my thoughts disappeared, the boys, Izzy and Megan disappeared, the world disappeared. It felt like it was just us. Just us, kissing underwater like nothing could stop us. Except... we need air.

We rose up above the surface, gasping for breath, while we could hear everyone wolf whistling and clapping. 

'Seriously guys?' All I hear is laughter and Niall pulling me in for a warm hug.

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