1 Universe

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, Over 7 billion people and I'M STILL FUCKING SINGLE!!

(Niall Fanfic)


17. Bad Boyfriend.

Niall's P.O.V

It's now nine pm so Ally and I settle down on the couch and watch 'The Note Book'. I didn't really want to watch it but I get to cuddle with her for two hours straight, so I don't really mind. Half way through the movie something pops into my mind as Ally falls asleep on my shoulder. When she walked in the door today, she hid something behind her back. I didn't really notice before but now that I think about it, What was she hiding from me. I mean we've been going out for a week now. We shouldn't keep secrets. *A few seconds later* Oh My Gosh. We've been going out for a week. Tomorrow actually. It was probably an anniversary gift. I forgot... . I place my hands under Ally's head and lay it on the couch. I grab a sticky note from the bench and write, 'Be Back Soon. Xx Nialler.' and put it on the couch next to her. I run up to her bedroom, where my jacket was, and run back downstairs and shut the door to the hallway. I can't believe I forgot. I'm a horrible boyfriend. 

Once I'm down the elevator and in my car I get my keys out of my pocket and head to the mall. I go to the nearest jewelry store and buy a necklace with an angle wing and letters on it. It say's 'I LOV'. I buy another bracelet, a more manly one, with the letters 'E YOU' and the other angle wing. Together it will be 'I LOV-E YOU'. It's true. I do love her, and she's my angel.

I race back to her apartment and shove the little box in my jacket pocket. I find Ally still asleep on the couch, so I scrunch up the note and chuck it in the bin. I'm about to sit down next to her but see that she is SO cute when she sleeps, making tiny little snoring sounds. I grab my phone and take a picture of her and make it my wallpaper. I smile. I'm glad to call her mine.

I lift her up ever so gently and take her to her bed. Gently placing her down, I pull the covers over her and climb in bed next to her. It's almost midnight now, and very cold. I turn the lamp off, on the bedside table.

'Sorry for teasing you' She whispers. 

'I thought you were asleep.' I say, worried that she might have noticed me gone.

'I was, but then you turned the lights off and I woke up.'

'Well sorry for making you beg. I now know that I will never do that again. I shake my head, remembering how hungry I was for her. I wanted more, but she wouldn't let me in. She turns me on so easily, and knows where all my weak spots are. I'm still working on hers but I have her neck weak spot down. The rest of her to go.

We lay in bed silently, holding each other.

'Babe' She says.


'You don't have to say yes, but... I was wondering...' She stops.

'What princess?' I say.

'No It's stupid.'

'Nothing you say is stupid.' I look her in the eyes.

'Well, Seeing as tomorrow is a special day, I was wondering if tomorrow, you want to, you know, take it to the next level?' She looks away, clearly embarrassed. But this is what I've been waiting for. I nod and leave kisses down her neck and wrap my arms around her tighter. The colour floods back to her face and she falls silently asleep in my arms.

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