F*cking Perfect

''Everyone has a secret.''-Uknown.


6. 4

Scarlett P.O.V ''You dont know how long i have been waiting for this.''he whispered in my ear. HOLY CRAP! HE HAS FUCKING FELLINGS FOR ME!!! Dang.... If he knows i cut will he leave me like a piece of shit? Or will he make fun if me and make my life horable? Or will he love me and make me stop cutting? I dont know... We finally arrived to Nandos. As we sat our table then things got awkward.... ''Im going to the bathroom,be right back.''niall said. As he left a guy with blonde hair and brown eyes came up to me.... ''Hey girl whats your name?''he said. ''Scarlett.''i said. ''Well Scarlett want to come to my house and have some fun?''he asked. ''No,sorry i have a boyfriend.''i lied.''It wouldnt hurt him if he didnt know.''he said as he winked. Should i have sex with him? Or not? ''Before that whats your name?''i asked.''Jake.''he said. ''Now lets go to my place.''he said winking. Im not sure if i should? ''after im done eating.''i said. ''Okay babe.''he said. Wait... We are having sex? Oh Lord. Niall came back and sat down. He smiled at me,i smiled back. ''What would you like to eat?''said the waiter. ''2 peri-peri chicken please.''niall said. ''Anything to drink?''she asked. ''One pepsi.''Niall said. Did he forget about me or what? Or are we sharing the pepsi? I decided to use the restroom. ''Niall i need to use the restroom.''i said as he nodded. I went inside the restroom. I just stood their infront of the mirror. Doing nothing... The i felt someone breath on my neck.. ''Babe,i cant wait any longer..''he said. Jake? he then locked the door. And pinned me to the wall.. Oh No!!! He then kissed my neck. I moaned softly. He took my long sleeve shirt off. He then took my bra off. He smiled. He then started kissing my breast all the way down to my pants. He took the button off and pulled down my pants. Then took my underwear off. I was naked. ''Moan my name.''he demanded. He then started licking my breast all the way to my stomach. He then bit my neck. He started sucking on the bite. He then licked it and blew on it. ''Jake.''i moaned. ''Say it..''he demanded. ''I-I need you.''i moaned. He then smirked.Thats never good right? He then he took his shirt off. Yup,thats never good. And the took his pants off. WOAH!! HE works out!! i didnt release i was smirking. ''Like what you see?''he whispered. ''Its your turn babe,lets see what this sexy beast can do!''he said. I then stated licking his abbs.''Oh Scarlett give me more than that!!''he said. I then crashed my lips to his. I bit his bottom lip. I then let in his tongue. Our tongue moving with each other. I then bit his bottom lip again.I then kissed his neck. All the way to his underwear. He then gave me something. Wait. No. He. No.He gave me a condom. To put it on him. I then placed the condom on his dick. I then started to lick his abbs all the way to his dick. He started moaning. I then kissed him on the lips.He tried to enter his tongue into my mouth. But i didnt let him. ''You naughty girl.''he said as he slappes my ass. And his tongue entered my mouth. He then bit my bottom lip. ''Stop.''i said. ''What?''he asked. ''stop kissing me!''i demamded. I then pushed him. I put on all my clothes. I then left the bathroom. Thank god!
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