F*cking Perfect

''Everyone has a secret.''-Uknown.


4. 2

Niall P.O.V I am tired of being single. Every time i see Louis with his girlfriend snuggling or kissing. I get jealous. I know my princess is out there some where. ''Im going for a walk..''i said getting off the couch ''Okay Niall but stay out of trouble.''Liam said. ''Okay Daddy.''i joked. I then grabbed my jacket and left the house. ..... I then saw a girl looking at the groung. She was pretty. But i dont think she is my type. Niall you dont know that until you meet her! So i walk upto her. ''Hello there.''i said She ignored. How rude. ''Hello..''i said tapping her shoulder. ''A-are you talking to me?''she asked. Nah! Im talking to the butterfly! ''Yes.''i said. ''Oh,hi.''she said. ''Hey.''i said. Then she smiled. ''Your irish?''she asked. Nah! Im Mexican! ''Yes.''i said. Then she started to blush. Awww. ''I-i like irish people..''She said. How does she not know im from One Direction? ''Nice..''i said. ''Do you know who i am by the way?''i asked. She shook her head. ''Im a singer..''i said ''No.''she said. ''Im in a band One Direction..''i said. ''Oh yeah.. I have heard of the band..''she said. ''Oh sorry and my name is Scarlett.''she said. ''Im Niall.''i said waiting to shake her hand. ''Oh sorry.''she said shaking my hand. I have no idea how but i started blushing. Then she smiled. ''Scar-''i said but cut off by someone. ''SCARLETT COME HERE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!''a guy said. ''I have to go,bye Niall.''she said and kissed my cheek. Then i started blushing HARD! ''Bye Scarlett.''i said. I just stood there.. ''What just happend?''i asked my self.
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