F*cking Perfect

''Everyone has a secret.''-Uknown.


3. 1

Scarlett P.O.V No one cares a f*ck about me. Not my father,not my mother. Nor my best friends Samantha and Daniella. Samantha is in the volleyball team. Daniella is a cheer captain. Well me in the other does nothing.. I just dont give sh*t about school anymore. If no one likes me in this school, why would i play for the school? FOR FUN!! My ass!! It was almost lunch. Well i call it the cruelest place in the whole school. *LUNCH BELL* I found a empty table. I sat there alone. ''Hi there.''a girl with black hair and brown eyes said. (THIS IS ZAYNS GIRLFRIEND BTW) She is to pretty to hang out with me. ''Are you talking to me?''i said pointing to myself. ''Yes.''she said. ''My name is Patricia''She said sitting down. I randomely thought Patricia was a blonde girl name. WHATEVER! ''Scarlett.''i said. ''I like that.''she said as she smiled. ''Thanks.''i said. I like her. As a friend lol. ''Are you hungry?''she asked . ''No.''i said. ARE YOU KIDDING IM DYING OF HUNGER HERE!!!! Yup,i just answered your questions. Do i starve myself? YES. ''Okay.''she said ''You dont eat much do you?''she asked. ''No not really.''i said. 'No not really,NO NOT REALLY.' ''Hey! Scarlett!''Samantha said. I just rolled my eyes. ''Scarlett im sorry i just noticed i was ignoring you so did Daniella.''she said. ''Yeah Scar we miss you and our long talks on the phone.'' Daniella said walking in. ''Fine i forgive you two but never do that AGAIN!''I warned. ''Yes,Scar.''they both said as they sat down. ''Oh by the way this is Patricia.''i said ''I thought Patricia was a blonde girl name?''Samantha said. ''Oh my god Sam dont say that!''Dani said. We gave each other nick names. Mine was Scar. Daniella was Dani. Samantha was Sam. And Patricia will be Paty. Lol. Im hungry. ''Hey i thought Scar liked to eat alot?''Dani said. DAMN IT IM ALMOST GETTING CAUGHT!! ''Yea she does.''Sam said. Then they all gasped. ''Are you starving yourself!?''Asked Paty. AND I GOT CAUGHT!! ''Yea..''i said. ''I think we ignored you too much.C'mon Scar your going to eat lunch.Paty stay here!''Dani said. ''Okay Dani?''she asked. Dani nodded. ''Lets go Scar'' they said yanking my hand. *In Line* ''Your too pretty to starve yourself Scar.''Dani said. Its not my fault people called me fat! ''Hey guys! Look the piece of sh*t is finally getting lunch.''A guy said while people were laughing. ''Dont listen to them your not a piece of sh*t,you are a human being.''Sam said. ''I'll try..''i said. Like i try to not listen but i cant. I just CANT!! *SKIP REST OF THE LINE* ''That was the longest line i have been to.''i said. Sam and Dani started laughing. Im starting like my life. But not enough to stop me from cutting. i have only cut once cause i think starving was enough. What im a hungry person!? As i finished lunch i had to go to history class. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~• **World History** Oh.. Sorry i forgot to tell you what i was wearing and how i look like.. Oopss. I have straight black hair with light brown eyes. I have a normal style. Yeah i know 'but your emo'. Its that my parents said they will abuse me if i look like ''THAT''. I only wear mascara and chapstick. I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt with blue jeans. And i had black toms. I hate how everyone thinks there f*cking perfect at everything and i mean EVERYTHING! Im glad this period was about to end! Its so boring!! We were talking about the holocaust. It was interesting until she announced a 'pop quiz'. I hate pop quizes! I was finally finished. I then gave the teacher the 'pop quiz.' Thank God i was finished!! *Ring Ring* went the school bell. Next period dance. I went to the dance studio and sat down in my seat. The teacher told us to change in our clothes. Which was a black leotard , black yoga pants,and jazz shoes. When everyone was done changing it was time to stretch.When we were done streching. We starded dancing. I am a flexible person though.. Random fact i know.. **SKIP CLASS***
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