Runaway Criminals [The Criminals Series]

"What are you doing here, Harry?" I asked in bewilderment as Harry stood in front of me. "I came to find you." He stated so many feelings were laced into his voice it was hard to pick out any one."It has been five years, I moved on. I thought you did too." I lied. The truth is I never moved on but Harry can't know that. What I wrote in that letter. Broke my heart and tore it to shreds. But what I wrote was the truth and still is. No matter how much it hurt. "I can't because I am still in love with you." He spoke his emerald eyes searching mine for any signs that I felt the same way. But I showed no emotion towards him or at all. "Please Harry. I can't" I begged my voice barely above a whisper. "Aria," He started but I soon cut him off. "Please just stop, Harry. Just stop." I begged him again as I felt my walls that took five years to build start to crumble. "Never." He said lowly. Before I knew it Harry had turned on his heels and started walking away. Leaving me standing there alone.


3. Chapter Two

      I am laying on my bed at my aunt's house. I am tired and exhausted. Tears threatening to spill from my eyes at any moment.  After I cried and spilled everything to Elizabeth. It had already been three hours.  So any hopes of finishing the work we needed to do was thrown out the window.  Elizabeth  had called me a cab and pushed me in it. Saying that I need to sleep and she will finish it up.   

     When I got home my aunt was out. So I didn't have to explain to her why  my eyes were puffy and red. I closed my bedroom door and numbly fell onto my bed.  I haven't moved since. And I don't plan on moving until I have to.  To be honest I want to see Harry with all my heart. But I know that I am not the girl who he fell in love with all those years ago.  I have changed a lot.   My hair is no longer black but brown with high lights. I have gotten scars and tattoos.  I am shy and hard working. I  almost never miss work.  I am still on my medicine. But I also see a therapist four times a week.  I  am different in both physical and personality wise. 

      I also can't be with Harry because I would never be able to deal with the paparazzi. Not with everything that I have been throw at least.  It will only add on stress which might cause me to slip.   I wouldn't be able to deal with the tabloids and the gossip. And the hate. That would quite literally kill me.

      I wish Harry could know that I want him as much as he wants me. But we can never truly be together. But how would he know everything at has changed over the past five years with me. He wouldn't.  God Harry. I wish I could tell you everything. With out telling you anything. If only I could do that.  But no because that is impossible.  

      As I continued to think  about everything I slowly fell into a deep and well deserved slumber.  That night I dreamt a dream I had way too often for my liking. I dreamed that I never had a miscarriage.  That we had a cute little boy who looked identical to his father, Harry.   We named him Sawyer. I love that name. We raised Sawyer together, but every time I had this dream Sawyer would end up dying in one way or another.  I would always wake up sweating and tears forming in my eyes due to the all to realistic dream. Every time I had that dream I missed Harry a little bit more. 

    Tonight though the dream was different. Instead of Sawyer dying like normal. He never did. I never woke up sweating and crying.  I woke up like I used to five years ago.  But this time without Harry besides me.  I sighed and got up. I didn't have work until later tonight, so that meant it was a sweat pants and cookie dough day.  Also re-runs of How I Met  Your Mother on Netflix.  

If I knew that today would be the day Harry came knocking on my door. I would have never been wearing my old sweats. Unwashed hair and stuffing my face with cookie dough I tell you. 

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