Runaway Criminals [The Criminals Series]

"What are you doing here, Harry?" I asked in bewilderment as Harry stood in front of me. "I came to find you." He stated so many feelings were laced into his voice it was hard to pick out any one."It has been five years, I moved on. I thought you did too." I lied. The truth is I never moved on but Harry can't know that. What I wrote in that letter. Broke my heart and tore it to shreds. But what I wrote was the truth and still is. No matter how much it hurt. "I can't because I am still in love with you." He spoke his emerald eyes searching mine for any signs that I felt the same way. But I showed no emotion towards him or at all. "Please Harry. I can't" I begged my voice barely above a whisper. "Aria," He started but I soon cut him off. "Please just stop, Harry. Just stop." I begged him again as I felt my walls that took five years to build start to crumble. "Never." He said lowly. Before I knew it Harry had turned on his heels and started walking away. Leaving me standing there alone.


2. Chapter One

         As I walk down the busy New York streets. I try to remain nearly invisible. If what Elizabeth told me was true then Harry is looking for his once great love. Me.

Elizabeth is the only close friend I have made since I have moved here.  Well, she is my only friend I have made here in New York.  I meet her a week after I moved here and we have been friends ever since.  I told her about the whole Harry situation after she caught me crying. It all just ended up spilling out. 

        She didn't  talk to me for three months after that. She was and still is a Styler. So when she didn't talk to me for those three months I thought she never would. And that evil thought caused me to get depressed. It got really bad. I stopped taking my medicine and that lead me to try and kill myself. I overdosed on my medicine  and slit my wrist with a razor only to have my aunt found me in my bedroom at her house. I still feel bad that she had to find me like that. But every now and then I wish that she never came home early.  

        I shake my head trying to get that thought out of my head. Come on Aria you can not subcum to thoughts like these again. I told myself.  I rounded the last corner to Elizabeth's studio apartment. I quickly walked up the steps buzzing her apartment number.  She quickly buzzed me in. I swiftly opened the door walking into the lobby. I walked over to the elevator shaft pressing the up button. Waiting patiently for the elevator.  As I did so I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. 

"Hello?" I answer quickly without check the caller ID

"Aria?" I heard Alice's voice and my blood immediately went ice cold. 

"Alice's what happened? I told you this number is only for emergency" I tell her hoping she was just calling to tell me that she missed me like she does every six months. But I had a feeling this is not one of those calls. 

"Harry just left." She spoke quickly her voice filled with worry. 

"Shit." I mumbled mostly to myself. 

"Yeah, he said he is looking for you and wanted to know I we talked to you. I said we did a year after you left you called us but that was the last time we talked.  He looked so sad at that. Like he was about to cry. But I think he might try to contact Juliet and you and I both know she will tell him everything she knows." She spoke faster than I even thought was possible. She seemed to be more nervous than me.  

"Shit, maybe he won't contact Juliet." I say. Trying to convince myself but failing desperately as I step onto the elevator and press the #7 button. 

"Aria," She stated and I sighed.

"I just don't know. I knew this day would happen I guess I should start preparing myself for it. Well I got to go." I hang up before Alice could begin to speak.  I stepped off the elevator the moment the doors opened.  I walked down the long corridor to the very end. I knock quickly on Lizzie's door. It soon flies open. The smile on her face falls as she realizes something is wrong.

"Babe, what is wrong?" She asked a worry toned enlaced in her voice. 

"You were right. He is looking for me."  I quickly stated before falling into her arms crying. Tears streaming down my face freely.  

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