Runaway Criminals [The Criminals Series]

"What are you doing here, Harry?" I asked in bewilderment as Harry stood in front of me. "I came to find you." He stated so many feelings were laced into his voice it was hard to pick out any one."It has been five years, I moved on. I thought you did too." I lied. The truth is I never moved on but Harry can't know that. What I wrote in that letter. Broke my heart and tore it to shreds. But what I wrote was the truth and still is. No matter how much it hurt. "I can't because I am still in love with you." He spoke his emerald eyes searching mine for any signs that I felt the same way. But I showed no emotion towards him or at all. "Please Harry. I can't" I begged my voice barely above a whisper. "Aria," He started but I soon cut him off. "Please just stop, Harry. Just stop." I begged him again as I felt my walls that took five years to build start to crumble. "Never." He said lowly. Before I knew it Harry had turned on his heels and started walking away. Leaving me standing there alone.


5. Chapter Four

      Not long after Harry had left. My Aunt had came home. I was in the kitchen making her dinner. Trying to do anything to keep my mind off the old feelings bubbling up to the surface. Even though I haven't stopped loving Harry. I did loose the lust and the feeling of being 'in love.' Which is now  pushing its way to my heart. 

    Thankfully cooking helped. Because between  almost burning everything I attempt to cook. I was also trying to Facetime with Lizzy. For my need of instructions. Also her need of gossip. But miraculously I managed to not catch my Aunt's apartment on fire and cook a pretty decent diner. 

   For whatever reason my Aunt was feeling off and quickly shut herself in her bedroom.  Which left me eating dinner alone.  Which I didn't mind. I actually preferred it in fact.  In a demented way I loved sitting alone eating. For me it was peaceful. Not depressing.  Which some people may construe it as.  But my peace was soon disturbed when  Lizzy called me. You would think Facetiming for three hours would be enough for her. But I guess not. 

¨Lizzy don't you know I am trying to eat the dinner that you aided me with. I shouldn't even have answered this call. Because who knows how long it is going to be before I get some peace again.¨ I ranted the moment I answered the phone. 
¨Aria will you just shut it for once." Liz snapped at me. Which is something she never does. "I am sorry Aria. It is just. Well just go see for yourself. Turn on channel 8. "

I immediately did as she told me and walked into my living room. The moment I turned on the T.V. I flipped to channel 8. But the moment I did my heart had sunk. Harry's face was filling up a corner of the screen as a pretty news caster talked. 

   "Harry Styles was reported to be sat on a stoop in Brooklyn today. When I arrived there earlier today. I did in fact see Mr.Styles.  sitting upon a stoop. When I had confronted Mr.Styles as to why he was sitting here. He had said 'I lost something and I am hoping to get it back,.' However the famous singers normally bright face was no where in sight today.  Which leads me to believe the what Mr.Styles had lost was not a what but a who. The girl that he recently said he was searching ...¨

  I quickly shut off the T.V. unable to watch it anymore.  Harry had been outside my house all day. IS that why my Aunt was so distraught. Was he still here? 

" Hey Lizzy I need to go."I quickly hung up.  I pulled a coat on and slipped onto a pair of shoes. I quickly walked down my stairs and out the door of my apartment building. And it was true Harry was still sitting there.

"Harry?" I said softly but loud enough for him to hear.  He quickly turned around and a small smile had spread across his face. "What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you." He said simply as the smile on his face grew larger. 

"You are an idiot, Harry. Why can't you see I am not the Aria you fell for.  I changed and trust me once you figure it out you won't want me anymore." I told him. Being completely honest.  

"No matter how much you changed I could never not love you." He said stepping closer and grabbing my wrist making me finch. I followed his gaze down to where the doctors had stitched up the deep cuts that were now scars. A constant reminder of how fucked up I am. I watch as he gently grazed his fingers over them. I looked up at his eyes they seemed saddened and almost as though he was in the verge of tears.  I pulled my arms away from his grip and pull down the selves of my sweater over my hands. "Aria, please know that I do love you no matter how messed up you might think you are. You are perfect to me. No matter what I will always love you."

"Please Harry." I say my voice barely over a whisper. My voice was crumbling as I was so close to tears. 

"It is true you know?¨ He said trying to give me a small smile though his  eyes  resembled one of a lost puppy. 

" Harry, I am not strong enough to go through this again. I am not strong enough to be in the publics eyes." I told him. 

"You don't have to be. I don't care about the fame. It is nothing to how much I love you."  He told me wrapping his arms around my waist. "Lets runaway together just me and you." 

"I can't leave my life here, Harry and I can't handle us."  I told him as I stepped back and out of his grip. ¨ I am sorry Harry.¨ 

And with those last words I walked up the stairs to my apartment. Only ever looking back to see a crushed Harry turning away.  This is it. I thought as I walked into my appartment. This is the end of me and Harry. 

Oh boy how I was so wrong.

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