Runaway Criminals [The Criminals Series]

"What are you doing here, Harry?" I asked in bewilderment as Harry stood in front of me. "I came to find you." He stated so many feelings were laced into his voice it was hard to pick out any one."It has been five years, I moved on. I thought you did too." I lied. The truth is I never moved on but Harry can't know that. What I wrote in that letter. Broke my heart and tore it to shreds. But what I wrote was the truth and still is. No matter how much it hurt. "I can't because I am still in love with you." He spoke his emerald eyes searching mine for any signs that I felt the same way. But I showed no emotion towards him or at all. "Please Harry. I can't" I begged my voice barely above a whisper. "Aria," He started but I soon cut him off. "Please just stop, Harry. Just stop." I begged him again as I felt my walls that took five years to build start to crumble. "Never." He said lowly. Before I knew it Harry had turned on his heels and started walking away. Leaving me standing there alone.


6. Chapter Five

     I needed to go to work today. I work at a children's hospital. I work with than to fund raise for events  like prom that most of them miss out on. I would do anything for them. It requires a lot of math and imagination.

My Aunt left before I was even awake. It is weird lately I feel as though she has been avoiding me since Harry has started looking for me. But it is probably just a coincidence. Or atleast I hope so.

   Grabbing my sweater and my purse I left the apartment. Making sure  to lock it. I walked down the block to the subway. I have grown used to taking the subway and I have actually grown to love it.

I know it sounds wired but I love everything about it. Well except the lingering pee smell. I even grown to love the rude people. I know it's weird but I feel almost at home on the subway for some strange reason.

I can't stop thinking about my aunt, Harry and everything else that could possibly go wrong.

As I walked down the steps to get to the subway someone ran into me causing me to loose my balance and start to fall. But thankful someone near by grabbed me by my waist steadying me. And possibly saving my life.

I turned around to thank the kind stranger. When I was greeted by a gorgeous man. He was slightly tan and had short soft black hair.

They look he gave me sent shivers through my spine. His hands were still on my waist holding me safely. We were looking at each other dead in the eye. Nether of us able to look away. Or wanting to look away.

A smile spread a crossed his face. And a deep husky laugh spilled out. Making my heart race.

"I'm Sebastian," he said in a deep New York accent. His large hands tightened around my waiste. Making me feel more secure. Well as secure as you can fell with a stranger holding you.

"Aria," I said my voice betraying me. Barely coming out over a whisper.

"Aria, I like it." He said in a way that sent shivers down my spine yet again.

"Yeah I do too." I said stupidly making him chuckle.

"Your funny, Aria," He said in a quiet low tone. That made Me cheeks heat up. I looked down trying to hide my now bright red face.

"I have to go." I said in a rush and flustered tone. Quickly pulling away from Sebastian . I ran down the stairs of the subway entrance.

"Wait! Aria!" He yelled after her. But she just kept running. I kept running until I had to swipe my metro card.

Could feel his presence following me. But I was to afraid to look back and actually check to see if he was following me so I just kept looking straight ahead.


When I got to the lobby of the hospital I spotted Lizzy at the cafe reading. I started to walk over to her as she looked up from her book an spotted me. A wide grin appeared on her face.

"How are you?" She said in a worried tone.

"Good, I guess." I wanted to tell her about Sebastia. But I didn't want her to completely freak out that I moved on and started to look around just as Harry started to look for me.

"What happened last night? You know with Harry." She said clearly nervous. Not knowing if bringing up Harry will make me break down.

"I'll tell you after work." I said not wanting anyone to over here. Plus I was pretty sure that if I started to talk about it I would break down and I didn't want to seem unprofessional in my work place.

"Are we still going to your place after?" She questioned l.

"Yeah unless my aunt calls and tells me otherwise. "


"Wait! Let me get this straight. You turned down Harry fucking Styles when he offered to runaway with you." I knew Elizabeth was about to scold me.

"I am not the same girl any more. Plus I couldn't leave you or my aunt. And I do have a job here. One that pays well and I love. I am not going to drop and leave my whole life for a second time." I explained even thought know that it doesn't even matter because she was still going to freak out.

"I love you to death Aria but you can be so blind sometimes. You can't see how much he cares for you and loves you. He's willing to give up his dream for you. To be with the one he loves. And you won't do the same. Haven't you seen any of the interviews anything he said. He is going crazy not having you in his life. He is depressed and heartbroken." The words continued to spill from her mouth. Each one was making her heart break and make herself feels worst and worst about herself.

"I get it. I understand I am selfish because Harry is willing to give up his dream and I won't do the same. I understand I am a horrible person." I say cutting off Elizabeth.

"No that's is not at all what I meant." She said. Her voice now filled with the sound of worry and regret.

"Can you please leave. I want to be alone." I said. My voice monotones hiding how shitty I felt inside.

"I'm sorry, Aria. " Elizabeth said before getting off the couch and heading to the door. "I really I am."

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