Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


9. Chapter 8

Zayn's POV 

We were soo lucky that rosie didnt question us about being behind well she kinda did but nicole covered us up "gosh i thought rosie was gonna ask more question i was starting to get nervous.." nicole said while looking down "but she didnt so it was our lucky day" i said reassuring her "yeah babe zayn's right" niall said agreeing with what i said "im hungry" louis said "louis you just ate that chick Haylee's blood and your telling us your still hungry?" liam a little bit yelling "well yeah one person isn't enough" louis sassed back at liam "OOHHH niall you got a competition" i said to niall whos just staring at louis "ohhh no you dont im always the hungry one here not YOU" niall pointed at louis while saying the 'YOU' part "oh yeah well not today" louis stepping forward from niall and looking at him in the eyes, this was getting serious "ok boys back it up lets just hunt its better than fighting in the house and rosie is already asleep so dont wake her up c'mon" nicole said stopping them from arguing. As they start to walk from the door we ran speed of in different directions except for nicole and niall they both went in the same direction as usual.


We just got home and its already 4 am in the morning 'wow did we take that long to eat?'  i thought to myself then shrugged it off "wow i am full" niall said "well babe you ate around 5 or 6 people how couldnt you be full?" nicole said giggling and niall just winked "ok i ate 3 people" louis said "i ate 4" said liam "i ate 2" i said back "i ate none " harry said "since when do you go one a diet?" questioned niall "idk i just feel like eating right now" he snapped at niall 'hmm whats his problem?' i thought "i dont have a problem zayn im just not hungry" "oh o-" i got interrupted by rosie screaming and thats when we rushed upstairs to see what was going on. When we tried opening the door it was locked "WHY IS IT LOCKED!?!" Harry screamed and we kept on kicking the door open,  but it wasnt working but the last kick which was our 4 time it opened and we looked around and our eyes widened. 

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