Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


8. Chapter 7

Louis's POV

'wow that was close' i thought to myself. I couldnt help myself because of Rosie's blood it smelled soo good and i bet you she tastes good too just by how you look at her,  and when she was watching the news that was me i was hungry after i smelled Rosies blood that made me hungry so Zayn and Niall helped me to hunt and we found that Haylee chick "i wonder what  happened to that poor girl?" rosie said while feeling sorry "yeah me too thats just upsetting to hear" i said feeling guilty "yea lets just put that aside" niall said changing the subject "who wants to play truth or dare?" zayn asked "sure" i said "im in" niall and nicole said at the same time those two says things at the same time its weird  "im in too" harry said "im in three" liam said "me four" i said we all stared at rosie for 2 minutes later i i clapped in front of her face "ohh erm what happened?" she asked very confused "do you wanna play truth or dare with us?" zayn repeated, "im ok you guys can go ahead and play without me" she said "ok" zayn said  we  can all tell she has a lot in mind about us disappearing  then being behind her quickly but us vampires have the power of speed we can go to places just like that and we can also read minds or hear from a far. 

Rosie's POV

I had a lot in mind and i cant even focus from they were saying "umm guys im gonna go on ahead upstairs im getting sleepy night" i said while getting off the couch then i heard them all say "goodnight". When i got to my room i took out my earphones and my phone so i can listen to music when i pressed play the song "Scars" by Allison Iraheta i love that song :) so while listening to that music i thought about the guys being so weird,how they were behind me and i thought they were in the backyard but i didnt hear the sliding door slide, the girl on the news, and of how nicole lied to me when the guys came behind me it was too much for me in one day and i know when nicole lies she puts her hands behind her back and starts biting her lips at the end of her sentences ugh im just gonna sleep im really tired of thinking of this i need to rest, i stopped the music and turned off the lights and just fell asleep.


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