Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


7. Chapter 6

Rosie's POV

I started to pick up the broken pieces off the floor and i accidentally got a cut "ouch!" i whispered/screamed "Ro are you ok?" Nicole asked "yea im fine it just hurts" i said looking at my finger with lots of blood dripping down "i'll be right back guys" i ran to the bathroom upstairs and washed my fingers for about a minute.


Liam's POV 

Rosie ran upstairs to wash her fingers and i looked at the lads especially Louis, Louis got bitten by Nicole 2 weeks ago. I saw Louis's eyes were red his fangs was out and i knew what he was thinking "Louis don't we talked about this" i said while Zayn and Harry holding him back from running to rosie and drink her blood "I cant hold it Liam she just smells sooo good!" he yelled "Nicole go upstairs with rosie now!" niall commanded nicole as nicole did was she was told "now louis c'mon get back to your normal self now" i commanded him and he did what he was told while Zayn and Niall took Louis outside for him to cool off from rosie's blood. I cleaned up the broken glass and wiped Rosies blood off the floor, and thats when i heard footsteps going downstairs.


Rosie's POV 

"Hey sorry again from the broken vase nikki" i said feeling guilty "its ok it wasnt your fault it was an accident" she gave me a smile which me feel less guilty "hey daddy direction thank you for cleaning up the mess and wheres everybody?" i asked while he laughed from his nickname 'daddy direction' "hahahaha your welcome ro and well zayn and niall went outside with louis and harry went to get some water in the kitchen" he said "ohh ok" thats when i noticed harry right next to me "gosh you scared me haz" i said "sorry ro" he apologized "its ok" i said while sitting down on the couch and turned on the T.V. and watched the news 'breaking news there has been a an animal attack finding this girl on the woods lying on the ground,her neck snapped and leaving a bite mark on her neck this girl is 16 year old Haylee Sanchez-' my eyes widened when 'daddy drection' turned off the T.V. and i hadnt notice that everyone was behind me "wait when did you guys get here i didnt hear you guys come?" i asked curiously "what are you talking about they've been here behind you ro?" nicole said while putting her hands behind her back while biting her lips.. 'They have i didn't even noticed ohh well'  i thought to myself.


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