Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


6. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

I just met Rosie and she is beautiful and she was really nice. When people kept on laughing of  how she blushed because of something it made me giggle because she was adorable when she blushed. I elbowed her and said "hey you know you look cute when you blush" and everyone started saying "OHHHH" and some "AAWWW" which kind of made me blush, but Rosie started blushing more "thank you" she said smiling "AWWW LOOK THEIR BOTH BLUSHING ISNT THAT CUTE!!" Nicole yelled out loud 'gosh now i know how Rosie feels' i thought to myself and the lads heard it even Nicole because us vampires can read or hear eachothers minds "ok ok lets all shut up now" i said and Niall said "ok Hazz" "ok thank you" i said to him as i turn to look at Rosie "Haz?" she asked "yeah thats what Nicole and the lads call me" i said "ohhh ok" "they call me 'Haz', Liam is 'daddy direction', Louis is 'boobear',Niall is 'nialler',Dj malik' and Nicole is 'nikki'" i said explaining eveything "ohh hahah where did you get those nicknames from?" she asked "i dont know we just thought of it" i said smiling "ohh well there cute nicknames" she said smiling which showed her cute dimples "hmm we need to think of a nickname for you now?" i said while rubbing my chin like i have beard "me?" she said with a questioning look "no the lamp yes you" i said laughing while she giggled "i call her 'Ro'" said Nicole "yea lets just call you 'Ro'" i said "ok?" she is soo cute when shes confused "so what do you guys wanna do?" i said "you guys wanna sleep here for tonight?" niall asked "sure" me and the lads all said at the same time, me, rosie, louis, liam and zayn were all squished together and as all of use stood up at the same time rosie accidentally bumped the vase off the table which fell on the ground and it is now broken into pieces "omg im so sorry" she apologized to nicole "its fine ro" nicole said while she smiled at rosie and rosie starts to pick up broken pieces of glass.

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