Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


5. Chapter 4

Rosie's POV

I heard the doorbell and someone yelling i kind of laughed though. 'DONE!!' I thought to myself, i took my bags and stack them up inside the closet and changed my clothes to my gray saggy sweatpants, black tank top and i put my hair in a pony tail and went straight downstairs thats when i saw four boys sitting on the couch and Nicole seem to notice me and she got up from Niall's lap and came up to me and said "hey Rosie this is Naills best lads" she said pointing to all of them, then Niall starts to stand up and came up to me "Rosie these are my best friends-" he got interrupted by the boys "we can take it from here im Zayn Malik" "im Liam Payne" "im Louis Tomlinson" "and im Harry Styles" wow they were all cute, but i had my eyes on Harry he's really cute "hi im Rosie im Nicole's best friend" they all smiled and i gave them a smile back and we all sat down and sat between Harry and Louis. While i stayed there i took a pen and a paper so i can sketch because i got a little bored because there all talking except for Harry he was just playing a game on his phone, while i was drawing i accidentally dropped the pen on the floor and when i tried to get it i touched Harry's hands and they were cold, but i ignored it and when he grabbed it he looked at me in the eyes and said "you dropped your pen" while smiling wow he has a cute smile you can see two dimples it was soo cute!! "ohh ermm thank you" i said i feel my cheeks burning and when i looked at Nicole she seemed to notice i was blushing "AAWWW ROSIE YOUR BLUSHING!!" she said while yelling it out loud 'god why why?!?!' i thought to myself and everyone started to look at me "NO IM NOT" i yelled back while laughing and i took a pillow and everyone started laughing and when i cooled down i looked at Harry and he started smiling at me and everyone was still sorta laughing and i looked at Nicole and Niall and they both started winking at me and i started to send both of them a death glared and they both started giggling 'gosh this is soo embarrassing' i thought to myself. 

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