Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


4. Chapter 3

Naill's POV

I just met Rosie to be honest she's really nice. "hey guys i just need to go and fix my things ill be right back" she said while going upstairs "OK!" me and Nicole yelled for her to here. I saw Nicole sat on the couch and i followed behind "hey did you tell her about you know us?" i asked "about us dating?" she said "no i already introduce myself and told her i was your boyfriend and i meant does she know that me and the lads are vampires?" i asked while biting my bottom lips "no she might freak out if i tell her and she leave and i don't want that"  she said "ok thats good and its a good thing you know how to control yourself around humans ESPECIALLY your friend" i said with a smirk and yes Nicole's one of us vampires i bit her 5 months ago "well thats because i learned from the best" she said smiling "aaww babe" i said and kissed her lips, but then my phone buzzed ruining the moment and i checked the caller ID and it said 'Liam' so i answered it "Hey Liam whats up?" i said "HEY NIALLER!!!" he yelled which hurt my ears "HI LIAM!!!" i yelled back we both laughed "hey can me and the lads come over now?" he asked "sure but i want you and the lads to control yourselves because Nicole's best friend Rosie is here" "Ok we will"

"ok good bye" i said "bye" 1 seconds later *DING DONG* and i got up and opened the door to see all of my lads "HI NIALL AND NICOLE!!!!" they all yelled "hey guys" me and Nicole said at the same time. i told all the lads to sit on the couch so i can tell them about Rosie. "ok lads i want you all to behave because we have a human in the house and i want you all to cont-" i got interrupted by Zayn Malik "yerp nialler we know daddy over here told us" he said while pointing at Liam, he's sort of a dad to us "ok well thats good thanks Li" "No problem nialler"

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