Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


30. Chapter 29

Rosie's POV 

For 5 months i havent seen harry i missed him soo much so i hugged him again supper tight "i missed you soo much" i said tearing up "i missed you too babe" he said hugging me back and he pulled back "how is this possible i thought you were dead" he questioned "niall saved her" liam said and me and harry looked at niall who has a smile on his face "you did?" harry asked and niall nodded his head 'yes' and he came speeding of to him and hugged him and thanked him "how did you do it?" he questioned "well you know how lily bit rosie and she kept on fighting to stay up?" he said "yeah?" harry said back "well ever since you left i came up to rosie and i remembered how i can make her stay alive so i snapped her neck for her to be dead but the thing that lily didnt know is when you bite a humans neck and kill them its possible for the person she bit which is rosie to come back alive so when i snapped her neck i fed her my blood and it takes a day for her to wake up which she did" he answered "why didnt you tell me!" he whined "because it was a surprise so now shut up i havent finished" niall said while laughing "ok so when you were in your room and cried the whole damn night like around 12 am rosie woke up and thats when me and nicole went for a vacation for 5 months thats because weve been training rosie how to fight and control her blood thirst" he answered then harry looked at me and said "its that true" then i looked deeply in his eyes and said "yeah its true" and then he came up to me and said "you know how much i love you right?" he asked "yeah i know and you know ever since i met you i loved you and even though you were a vampire i still loved you" i said smiling at him "soo when you found out i was a vampire you still loved me?" he questioned "yes this is the first time i fell in love with a vampire and im glad i did" i said kissing him now. I love this moment right now since i have my only best friend Nikki, my new brothers Daddy Direction, Dj Malik, Boobear, and Nialler and most of all my love of my life Hazza im soo happy i have these people with me they gave me the type of life i never had i love them soo much that i would protect and i will never leave them EVER.

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