Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


29. Chapter 28

Liam's POV

When harry and louis came we put rosie on the couch "what happened to her?" harry asked me "harry i-im soo sorry" i apologized "haz she didnt get to make it" zayn added "noo thats not possible!" he yelled and burst out crying "were sorry hazza" i said comforting him. "Why why why" he whispered i just kept on comforting him till he stopped but that never happend.

*6 Months Later*

Harry's POV 

Its been 6 months ever since i lost the love of my life rosie when i look at myself in the mirror all  i see a failure. "HARRY GET DOWN HERE NOW I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU!" commanded liam and i did as i was told as i got down and sat on the couch looking at the floor and i heard liam sigh "harry uve been like this for 6 months now" he said concerned "what do you need to tell me?" i said changing the subject "me,nicole, and the lads have a surprise for you" he said i feel him smiling and thats when i lifted my head and leaned on the pillow behind me "stop getting girls liam i told you im not looking for anyone right now" i snapped "i already know that and no someone wants to talk to you" he said and i looked at him with a confused look then he looked to his right where the kitchen was and said "hey you guys can come out now" and i looked at his direction and everyone got out but i didnt see nicole then seconds later she came out with the most beautiful girl her perfect brown hair, her brown eyes, those pink lips "Rosie?" i slowly said "hi harry" she said giving me a smile and i came up to her and hugged her soo tight minutes later i looked into her eyes and i just noticed they were red like ours and her teeth it has fangs my eyes widened "your-your one of us now?"i asked and she laughed "yep" popping 'p' with a wide smile.

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