Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


28. Chapter 27

Nicole's POV 

"Rosie please keep up dont close your eyes ok? C'mon please please fight!" i told her and i was crying and i heard nialls thought and nodded my head 'no' "babe its the only way to save her" niall said "ok" i whispered "ok go to liam right now ok?" he said "ok" and i ran to liam as i watched niall kneel down to rosie who slowly dying, i covered my face and turned around to liam and cried in his chest while he hugs/rubs my back but the part the broke me down was when i heard a snap and i broke down crying more than i was before.

Harry's POV

After running around the woods i finally found her to where we buried Josh "you killed him so now i killed yours" thats when she turns around and saw a tear slip her cheeks "now how do you think i felt when you killed someone you love" i felt bad "look im sorry lily i didn-" i got interrupted by lily "what you didnt know? dont give me that BS HARRY!!!" she yelled "look i-" i got interrupted again "YOUR SORRY FOR KILLING JOSH!! SORRY ISNT GONNA FIX ANYTHING HES NEVER GONNA COME BACK TO LIFE HARRY!!!!" she screamed "i liked you but i never loved you i love josh than you" she said "ouch that really hurts" i snapped i touched my chest pretending my heart was crushed for what she said "look if you loved josh soo much why wont you die with him!" i yelled and i started to attack her but she attacked back and she kicked my chest and the stake flew out of my hands and on to lilys and she stepped on my chest and said "say hi to rosie and josh for me" she gave me an evil smirk so i closed my eyes in surrender and i waited for her to stab me but she didnt stab me instead i saw louis stabbed her instead "louis?" i said "hey hazza" he gave me a smile then i got back on my feet and i gave louis a hug "thank you" i said "your welcome hazza" and i watched as louis put oil on lily and burned her "now lets her to rosie" he said "ohh yeah i forgot lets go!" i yelled and we both speeded off.

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