Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


27. Chapter 26

Harry's POV

When i saw rosie in a arms of a guy "rosie" i whispered to myself i saw how much shes all beaten up "what did you to her?!?!" i yelled who ever 'Josh' is "i dont know ask jake" she sassed 

and i looked at jake "what did you do to her" i said slowly and madly "i just had some fun with her" he said with an evil smirk "you little!" i about to punch him but he had rosie on his arms and he stretched her neck and put her hair in the other side "help me..." whispered rosie "awww poor rosie" 'josh' said "who are you" i questioned "you really dont know dont you?" she said and i nodded my head 'no' thats when i heard this girl sigh and she removed her hoody and all of our eyes widened "Lily?" i whispered "yeah its me" she said angerly "Lily why are you doing this to us?" i questioned "because you killed the love of my life Harry!" she yelled "who josh? for god sake lily i killed him because he was about to kill me and so i killed him and when i did you were gonna kill me.." i paused "i thought you loved me lily" i said getting hurt now "i did but when i met josh it was different i felt more loved with him but you YOU KILLED HIM!" she yelled "now its your turn to loose the one you love" she looked at rosie and then she moved her hair out of her neck "wait what are you doing?" i asked "what i shouldve done" she said then thats when she bit rosie's neck "AAHHHHH!!!" rosie screamed "NOO!!!" i screamed and thats when i attacked but that jake dude blocked me and punched me by the jaw and i saw zayn get a wooden stake and stabbed him all of them got a stake and so did i i got it from liam and thats when liam stabbed the other dude with blonde hair and nicole stabbed the dude with the brown hair and thats when i looked at rosie who was now on the floor in pain and i came running to her "c'mon rosie hold on ok? NICOLE COME HERE AND WATCH ROSIE" I yelled and thats when nicole came and i tried looking for lily who i found going outside the window and i ran the other way for a short cut.

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