Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


26. Chapter 25

Rosie's POV 

I woke up on a strange empty room and i saw one guy sitting down on a chair i look closely and it looked like he was writing and i tried to see his face so i tried to move but i noticed the i was tied up i tried to untie myself but i couldnt it was too tight and i also tried to speak but there was a scotch tape on my mouth "soo your finally awake" the strange said and he was wearing a black hood with red eyes and teeth for fangs. He started to go behind me and untied me and took out the scotch tape of my mouth "wh-who are you?" i said scaredly "im jake and you must be rosie" he said with a smirk on his face "how do you know my name?" i asked "my boss hates you soo much so thats how i know your name" he answered "ohh" i said then thats when he took off his shirt "w-what aar-are you d-doing?" i questioned "im just gonna have some fun with you" he looked at me with an evil smirk then he started to take off his pants and started coming close me but i ran to the stairs but then i felt a strong grip around my body "where do you think your going doll?" i kept on shaking him off me but he was too strong and then he started to drag me to the bed and threw me and thats when he pinned me against the bed "AHHHHH!!!" i yelled

"HARRY HELP ME!?!?!" I yelled "SHUT UP!" he yelled. When he was done i went to the corner and cried 'he just raped me' i thought and i heard him sigh "ok doll now heres another punishment for screaming" he said "you raped me isnt that enough punishments" i argued "thats another punishment for arguing with me" he said and he went close to me and started to punch and kicked me over and over again and thats when it was over i heard the walkie talkie 'bring her up now' a girl said then he looked at me and dragged me up the stairs and i saw 9 people and my eyes caught harry's eyes.

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